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You Know When Thing In Rescue When...

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you have 6 cat friendly lurchers that nobody wants, Yes you heard right Evesham Greyhound and lurcher rescue currently have 6 cat friendly lurcher that we cannot find homes for we have

Fern a cat kid and dog friendly lurcher that is 20 months old greyhound cross

Azia a cat kid and dog friendy saluki cross that is 12 months old

Billy a cat and dog friendly lad that does need a experience home but a lovely lad

Little pup a 4 month old male unwanted pup

Zap just arrived from the pound dearhound cross broken coated a bit skinny but nothing a few good meals wont help

Oura a 10 month old lurcher girl good with every thing just needs a friend to play with

So anyone out there that is looking for a cat friendly lurcher please point them in our directions as they are all shapes and sizes and i am sure we have some thing that will match.
Do you know if these dogs have found their homes yet please?
Closing this topic due to lack of activity.
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