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Young border terrier who I know is very ill...


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My border terrier is just over 1 and I've had him since 7 weeks. Came from a reputable breeder and I know loads of people who have had his dogs. Unfortunately mine is very sickly. Since 7 months he's had constant runny poo, not uncontrollable diarrhea but just not the right texture. I've taken him to the vets 4 or 5 times and he's been thoroughly checked, sometimes given anti-biotics. I've also noticed he has lots of sneezing, coughing and reverse sneezing and this hadn't prompted the vets to investigate. He's been almost constantly ill since Xmas and I've probably taken him to the vets 6 times. Finally they took blood tests a couple of weeks ago, revealing a serious liver problem. The hoped to control it with diet and he is steadily going downhill, with major breathing/digestive problems, especially at night. He is sleeping most of the time. Finally I've got a referral to a vet hospital tomorrow. I'm sure it's something very serious and am upset it's taken 2 months of illness before he's getting thorough investigation. I feel it may be heart worms/lung worms or something as or more serious. Has anyone else with a border terrier had similar problems?
My dog is being kept in for a couple of days for diagnostic tests which will literally use up all his annual cover for this years insurance! Chances are his issues will go into the future. Does anyone have any experience of affect on premiums the next year when a large claim has previously been made?
Sorry to hear your baby is so poorly, I hope they get to the bottom of what the problem is soon for you. :luck:

I used up Murphys full limit on insurance this past year and my premium is due for renewal in April so I do not know yet how much it is going to increase (I am a little scared tbh but I will keep paying the premium whatever it is)

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