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Young dog going blind


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My four year old mongrel terrier, from Dogs Trust, has been losing his sight over the past 12-18 months. Initial vet checks found nothing, after he walked off the side of a bridge he was diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

He does not look blind or mostly behave blind, I have read as much as I can about managing blind dogs, but it is mostly aimed at older dogs with cataracts or blind from birth, there is little on progressive deterioration in an active young adult.

I have him on and off lead on his familiar walks, depending on constant risk assessing, eg he now is used to riding on my mobility scooter over that bridge and past potential hazards like picnickers. I have bought him a Caution going Blind bandana but am not confident about the future.

Does anyone have experience to share please?
I'm sorry no experience, just wanted to say good luck with everything. I have an older dog going blind and it is frustrating, I would think that it is a positive that he is losing it gradually and at a younger age as he will be able to adapt quicker and quick to learn new skills. Perhaps use a long line when out rather than letting him off completely, or use it to work on recall.

Stay positive x
I haven't any experience of this, but I will say if your on Face Book, look for 'The Touch of Sight', its a page about a lovely Whippet that had to have her eyes removed. It shows just how happy she is now. Its amazing how easily dogs adapt and don't forget to most dogs their smell is more important than sight.

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