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Hi all,

Just a quick question, Roxy is on Yumove and has been for just over a year (she's just turned 10). She doesn't show any signs of pain or stiffness, it's just preventative as I started doing jumping with her and thought she'd benefit from the extra support. She's also on Golden Paste. My question is should I move her onto Yumove senior now since she's getting older? Is it worth it? I stuck with the adult as I thought without her showing signs it would be enough for now plus the senior is more expensive but the packs do have age ranges on them. I know others on here use it too so any thoughts/advice?
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My thoughts are that they're unlikely to have done a trial comparing symptom-free dogs taking Yumove to those on Yumove Plus (which is the new name for Senior)... or to those on a placebo. So I wouldn't like to give an opinion.

On the vet's recommendation, Jasper has a double dose of Yumove Plus each day, but as he's also on an NSAID I really couldn't say whether it has any effect or not (the NSAID clearly does - if I give him a break, he's noticeably less comfortable within a few days).
You do what works for your dog. My advice with regards to "I started doing jumping with her" is make sure she is well warmed up first (like any athlete) and don't push her to jump her full height, there is no reason not to do jumping with her as long is it is on soft ground, grass, sand etc as 'landing' needs to be cushioned for her joints. My little mini was still 'play' jumping when she was 20 yrs old, still very fit and enjoying herself but she started when she was 1yr old and competed until she was 17-18 yrs old ( and still winning) however I don't think I ever jumped her in training from the very beginning at her full jump height, only putting her on her full height just before competition

I purchase Bioflow collars once my working/competing dogs get to 8 yrs old as they do get bumped/knocked and it stops any pain/inflammation as well as working them keeps their muscles strong/fit and that protects their joints...I also swim my dogs as that is great non weight bearing exercise.
Thanks JudyN and Inka.

I think for now I'll keep her on the adult one then and if she shows any stiffness or pain I'll change her onto plus.
Yes Inka she has a few minutes to mooch around the garden first before she'll concentrate on anything else (usually involving some sniffing and grass eating:rolleyes:) then we have at least 10 minutes of walking/playing and tricks to warm her up and the same afterwards to cool down and we only do jumping on grass (or carpet in the house on rainy days), and of course I don't make her jump too high. Thanks for the advice :)

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