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Zeb Got Bite At Dog Club


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Hi all,

We had a lovely time at dog club today. Zeb did really well and did agility with not many problems :- " .

At the start of training they were allowed off lead as 1 of the dogs needs to play first, will she run up to zeb and went for him he turned around and had a good back.

Did not think to much about it has they came back when we called them and there was no crying from either of them.

It was not until agility that i noticed Zeb had a cut in his side. its about 3/4 of an inch long,no blood, and did not notice any at the time.

Its been cleaned up and had tea tree on it.

Is there any thing else that i need to do.

The dog herself im not really upset with as she is a rescue with alot of problems that she is over coming. I think that it was just an accident,and she did not really mean to of bitten him.
opps , Just keep it clean, salt water and lavender or tea tree :cheers:

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