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Zen's First Night Out.

Midnight Runner

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I'm a new member to K9 Community. The amount of replies with help and advice has been brilliant.

Zen (She's a White Whippet with a Blue head and 3 Blue patches on her left side) went out for the first time Saturday, she was having a good sniff around then out of the blue she bolted, Steve shon the lamp in her direction and she'd found herself a rabbit to chase. She turned the rabbit 5 times before eventually capturing it. She brought it home to show me. You could tell she was chuffed to bits.

I was so made up i had to tell you all!

Bet you thinking, who's this new mad woman on the forum. (w00t)

she sounds lovely :wub: have you got any pics ? :)
I will put pics on the forum once i have got the hang of the whole thing i.e. computers & cameras. Still only learning at 22 years of age. Crazy.

Keep a look out she is my pride and joy and i love her to pieces.


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Hi welcome to K9 :D ,and congratulation's to Zen.....we will need picture's, and most of us are mad on this site so you'll fit right in lol :lol:
Zen last went out on Saturday the 5th March when she caught her first rabbit.

She's now relaxing as she's been doctored and has had her dew claws removed.

Will let you know how she gets on on the fields when she's back to normal.

In the meantime i will give her plenty of TLC :wub:
Catching rabbits by lamp is an exhilarating sport, particularly when they are in abundance and you don't have to trudge for miles between runs. Keep her at it.

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