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Ziggy And Zander

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Ziggy and Zander were siezed in a cruelty case where they were being kept in horrendous conditions with fifty other dogs. They have been in kennels for a long time but are now in a foster home where they are gaining in confidence every day. Ziggy is a Whippet X and Zander is a Saluki X. They are close pals, so it went without saying that we would help them both.

They are approx 10 months old and require an experienced home. They need some basic training and are not used to the lead. This is something their foster carer is working on and something their new owner would need to continue with. Ziggy and Zander do not have to find a home together but if they did it would be a bonus. Read on for further info on Ziggy and Zander





Ziggy is a Whippet X and has the most beautiful brindle markings and is the more outgoing of the two. He can still be a little nervous but is gaining in confidence every day. Ziggy is not used to being on the lead but when his foster carer has him out in the fields he has very good recall. He is mostly clean in the house but does have the occassional accident. Ziggy is a real playful fella and would be fine with older children, he is currently living with a 7 yr old and a 14 yr old and is great with them. He has also shown no interest in the cat he is in foster with.



Zander is a stunning Saluki X and is a lovely fawn colour with a very regal look about him. Zander is nervous of enclosed spaces and is the less confident of the two boys he is however gaining in confidence every day. He is learning to trust and enjoys getting cuddles from his foster carer. He loves to run free in the fields and has very good recall. He runs and plays with Ziggy after which they cuddle up together for a well deserved nap. He is clean in the house apart from the occassional accident. Zander is also good with the children he is in foster with and shows no interest in the cat.

Please note that this is a joint rehoming with Sighthound Rescue Jersey

Sighthound Rescue Jersey will provide rescue backup for this dog in the UK and adopters will sign a joint Whippet Rescue Ireland/Sighthound Rescue Jersey Adoption Contract

***We can only rehome to areas in the UK where we have an approved homechecker to carry out a homecheck, and to areas where we can transport dogs to easily***
oh they are adorable, what a lovely addition they'd make to anyones family!
Gorgeous pair - Zander looks like a young leggy version of my Taz :wub:
Have these two cuties found their home yet?
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