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Zoe Gibson Paintings


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Just wondered how many of us have paintings by Zoe who is also coming next Sunday to the Midland whippet limited show ,

Zoe is having a small display of her work and the more we take the better her stand will look :cheers:

Zoe has kindly agreed to do paintings of the Best in show and best puppy in show for our champ show .

please let me know who are willing to bring their paintings ........

I haven't, but I wish I did - I was going to get one done of our little iggie Zoe, for OH birthday, but pranged my car and needed the money to pay my excess instead :(
I have one but won't be at the show - sorry!! Zoe did a wonderful picture of my Mums border terrier for Christmas, it was amazing.
I also have a couple of Zoe's paintings but unable to make the show
Thanks for posting this Jackie!

It would be great if anyone could bring their piccies along - otherwise I will just have to round up all the family ones I have done. I look forward to meeting some of you there and seeing all the beautiful whippets!



doris said:
I haven't, but I wish I did - I was going to get one done of our little iggie Zoe, for OH birthday,[SIZE=21pt] but pranged my car [/SIZE]and needed the money to pay my excess instead :(
That was VERY careless! Hope you didn't hurt yourself :(

Look forward to meeting you on Sunday, Zoe! :thumbsup:
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We will bring the pictures of all the Citycroft's with us!

Look forward to meeting you on Sunday Zoe
Excellent - thats great news thank you Rachel.

See you all there. I've never been to a whippet show before - should be fun. I'm bringing my sister along too. :D

It will be an interesting experience for you then!!!

We'll only have Ruby there with us, although may bring Logan along to keep his sister company. Be good for you to see your subjects in the flesh!

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