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4-Paws Canine Academy Aberdeen

Mental stimulation, bonding, dog-dancing and anxiety-fighting training

  1. Annalouise Kjaer
    4-Paws Canine Academy,
    Training dogs makes happy dogs and happy owners.

    Mentally stimulating your dog is often underestimated but is critical to having a healthy and happy dog. It is not enough to only physically stimulate your dog as it with time would only require increasingly more physical exercise to become tired and well-stimulated.

    Training tricks will both stimulate your dog physically and challenge it mentally. Not only will you through tricks-training get a well-stimulated dog, but you will also build an increasingly stronger bond between you and your dog.

    At 4-Paws Canine Academy, we offer tricks classes for both beginners and advanced level dogs and owners. The tricks are derived from dogdancing (also known as Heelwork to Music or Canine Musical Freestyle) and dog-parkour.

    The beginner classes focus on learning all the basic and fun tricks needed to perform a simple beginner-class dogdancing routine, creating a stronger and more work-efficient bond between you and your dog, and providing the dog with an increasing awareness of itself and improve its own confidence in both you and itself.

    Why train tricks?
    • It is fun for both dog and owner

    • It is shown to decrease anxiety and improve confidence and self-esteem in dogs
    • You get a stronger bond with your dog

    • You stimulate your dog mentally

    • It makes a happy and well-stimulated dog

    Contact details:
    4-Paws Canine Academy
    Located on George Street, Aberdeen
    Classes are held in Westburn Park, Aberdeen

    Phone: 07478217484

    Annalouise Kjaer,
    Founder and dogtraining instructor of
    4-Paws Canine Academy Aberdeen
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