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Bentley's Dog Food

Taste of The Ocean

  1. BentleysDogFood
    " Bentley’s was born out of sheer determination and a desire to make available the UK’s first 82.5%/17.5% Grain Free Premium quality dry dog food which matches as closely as possible to their natural ancestral diet, at an affordable price. Launched in April 2016, we are proud and delighted to have achieved our goal.

    We are a small UK based independent family business. We are passionate about dogs and believe they deserve to be fed the very best at an affordable price, which can be maintained throughout their lifetime.

    It is for this reason that we spent almost three years producing a nutritious grain free dog food. Our recipe has been formulated using more than seven years of extensive nutritional research. We have worked closely with veterinary professionals and used our own experience of supplying naturally healthy food and treats to our Pet Clinic and Grooming clients.

    Having carried out comprehensive research, we fully understand the impact that diet plays upon a dog’s well being. It was so important to ensure that before we went into full production, we gained a maximum understanding of the benefits in feeding Bentley’s.

    * A nutritionally balanced complete food with a high level quality protein to closely match a dog’s natural ancestral diet

    * Cereal, Grain, Gluten and Dairy free to eliminate possible causes of allergies

    * Low Carbohydrate formulation with less than 20% fruit and vegetables

    * Suitable for all life stages; in a dog’s natural habitat there is no such thing as ‘puppy’, ‘junior’, ‘adult’, ‘senior’, ‘light’ or ‘diet’ food

    * Proportionally balanced quality Omega 3 & 6 "
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Recent Reviews

  1. Josie
    great products. All natural and healthy. I loved the sound of the crunch when Den had the fish jerky!
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