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Kelso and Titch

Natural dog treats and personalised gifts

  1. Jill Reid
    Fabulous gifts for fabulous pets

    At Kelso and Titch we believe that our dogs deserve the tastiest, most delicious and healthiest treats possible. Our yummy treats are hand baked in our bakery in Scotland and delivered fresh to your door for your furry friend to enjoy. We never add salt, sugar, colours or preservatives and use only natural human grade ingredients sourced from British producers.

    We care about our planet too and use environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging.

    In a variety of flavours and gift options, we’re sure there’s something for everyone. We also understand that some of our furry friends are sensitive souls and so we offer a range of wheat free, grain free and vegetarian treats to suit all tastes.

    We are an APHA approved Pet Food Plant in accordance with (EC) Regulation 1069/2009 (Approval number 76/338/8203/ABP/PTF). All our handmade dog treats comply with UK and EU feed regulations and have, in accordance, been independently tested by a UKAS accredited Food Test Laboratory for Nutritional Analysis. A full ingredients list and nutritional information is on every pack.

    Our products are given a batch number for full traceability and labelled accordingly, giving you the peace of mind that you can purchase from us with confidence.


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