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  • hi, wer finally on!!!!!! woo hoo hope yr ok cuz missed u 2day, sandra wants t no how t get t thos pics of th xmas party
    Heya Trish :)

    I see you've not been feeling too good hun. Hope you're on the mend soon. It's quiet on the board these days, isn't it? Take care, catch up soon :) Jxx
    Just seen the results for yesterday, Well done the boys, bet your chuffed x
    No work for 10 days its brilliant lol. Nipping into town first thing then if the weather holds a nice long walk down the beach. What are your plans for bank holiday weekend x
    Oi im not as OLD s you lol then again neither of us are as old as Jane ,hope she doesnt see this oops

    be about 6 weeks my very OLD dear lol


    i will bring him over to the northern for you ,if you would like xxx

    |¯¯¯|♥| ¯¯|




    Morning Trish

    Have a good day, wet and horrible here!

    Off for a walk though, see if anyone else is hardy enough to join me!

    Hi Trish hope you are well Hows Lisa ? Doing well I hope

    Just wanted to say are you at the bend champs if so will see you there Take care xxxx
    Hello Trishy Wishy

    How are you? Not caught up with you for ages!

    Hope Lisa is doing ok too

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