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  • hi trish, think 'TGIF' means 'thank god it's friday' ! even tho i didn't get one :(

    might be

    take care, luv ya xxxxxx
    No Patrick just said he would be in touch when it was sorted, so your guess is as good as mine, x
    Hello Trish...

    ...thinking about you...

    look after yourself won't you?

    lots of love xxx
    just had my lovely daughter visit me and she seems ok but looks tired but i feel better seeing her now xxx
    Hello Trishy-fishy!

    Shame about your racing today, hope next week we're all thawed and you can get on with it!

    Take Care xxxxxxxx
    ah ha! I've sussed your facebook excited status lol

    thought it would be something to do with that!!

    Hello Trishy xxx

    Hope you're keeping warm, we have bucketloads of snow and its still falling

    byeeeeeeee xxx
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