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  1. S

    Nursing bitch cannot settle

    i have a bitch with 4 week old puppies. Puppies are all healthy and doing great it is the bitch who can no longer settle on a night since becoming a mum. Previous to giving birth she is crate trained and she can only settle when locked in her crate at night.. now with pups she needs to be able...
  2. Benj

    Whippets - girl or boy?

    Hi folks! I'm looking at getting a whippet pup from a KC breeder and I've always wanted a female but now I'm having a wobble! I'm wondering if a male dog might be more inclined to play fetch with a ball. I've had a dog before and the ball was such a great way to get exercise on those occasions...
  3. T

    New here!!

    Alright everyone, my wife and I are looking to get a weimaraner puppy in the very near future so we are researching about the breed. Any relevant tips or advice from anyone is much appreciated. We are a family of five. We have two girls, seventeen & twelve, and a boy who is four, almost five. My...
  4. michael darrington

    Whippets Second Season

    My whippet was due her second season about 3 weeks ago . Both my male dogs showed interest , following her around , trying to lick her , whimpering , and attempting to mount ( all the usual ). She as before growled and snapped and kept her tail tucked under. Three weeks on from the boys...