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  1. pet_glam_grove

    Hello Dog Lovers! Thrilled to introduce you to Pet Glam Grove – your go-to destination for elevating your furry friend's style game! We're not just your average online pet store; we're a community that celebrates the bond between you and your pets with a touch of glamour and love. Why Pet Glam...
  2. Dogs Only Gear

    Dogs Only Gear

    Founded by Benjamin, Tested by Nala. After getting my first dog in October 2021, a beautiful and intelligent Border Collie named Nala, as with most first-time dog owners, I just wanted her to have the best of everything not fully realising for the first 3 months how much this actually costs. 3...


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  4. DogLover12345__

    What are some good dental sticks?

    Hi there, we recently got Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treat Dental Chews for our 4-month-old puppy and I was wondering if other dog owners have bought the product and can provide some feedback on it. Thank you
  5. RawDogsFood

    Raw Dogs Food

    Hi, am Henry from Manchester UK and I have a dog and I feed good quality and energetic food to my dog. Sometimes my dog barks very much and my neighbourhood sometimes creating the problem. But no matter, I love my dog. I studied at London University and start my shop related to selling dog food...
  6. D

    Market research - which dog products do you struggle to get hold of?

    Hi everybody, I hope you don't mind me asking but I am currently carrying out some market research on products you are missing in the canine world and I'm hoping you can help... I have a few questions as per the below and any feedback would be wonderful. -Are there any products that you...
  7. houseof_fraser

    Black Friday? Love or Loathe?

    Hey all, What are your thoughts on Black Friday? Have you used it in the past to get some really good deals or do you find it all to just be one big con? I’m on the fence and definitely feel the pressure to buy. I have got some amazing deals in the past on items that I had been watching pretty...
  8. PreciousPawsGifts

    Raising money for rescue dogs

    Hi, my name is Diane, nice to meet you all! :) I have been raising money for rescue shelters for many years through different events and hobbies but I have now started my own little online business where I am making dog bows and bandanas. All proceeds go directly to the rescue shelter where I...
  9. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady's memorial statue

    Having mobility problems and being in a cramped small flat for 2 years, the council finally got me a lovely bungalow and Lady would sit outside in my back garden keeping guard. I told my parents I wanted to do something special to honour her memory and so I'm getting something like this to put...
  10. Aurora Pets

    On the blog: An interview with Cloud7

    We at Aurora Pets HQ believe in testing the brands we sell so that we can ensure the quality and designs are up to a high standard. Cloud7 designs and style are always a pleasure to experience and have in our dog's wardrobe. From their Little Nap felt nature dog bed to their Vondelpark toffee...