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  1. C

    Mucus Poop

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a lab (he’s about a year and a half) that had diarrhoea exactly one week ago today. I contacted a vet that suggested it was a bug and to monitor him. By Tuesday, he appeared to be getting better but Wednesday he took it again, this time...
  2. Lexi’s dad

    Improving good recall to 100% recall

    Hi, My 15 month old Labrador has a good recall. I use a whistle and she comes running - most of the time. Sometimes she sniffers a bit more and then comes other times if she found something interesting (e.g. something she thinks she can eat and she thinks she can eat nearly anything ;-) she...
  3. Accidentalglixch

    Remi's pupdates (Fox Red Labrador)

    Remi is now a 12 week pup (born on 22nd September). He entered mine & my husbands lives on 6th December - we weren't expecting to take him home that night after a vsit of some pups but I'm so glad we did. Remi is the first dog we've owned as a couple. I had dogs from 7 years old but just got...
  4. R


    Hi everyone, newbie here! starting the process of looking for a dog so thought would get as much advice as possible! We have 2 children under 5 and a cat. myself snd my husband have been brought up around dogs, I had a wonderful Doberman who lived with us for 14 years and my husbands family...
  5. Anne-MarieM

    Puppy's cut nose

    Hi My puppy sniffed at some glass down the park last Saturday evening and got a horizontal cut just at the bottom of her nose. It bled but stopped before bed time. We called the vets when they opened the next day, especially as the cut had started to reopen when she fed and played. They said...
  6. N

    Labrador bad at walking

    Hello guys I’m actually looking for any help at all. I have an 11 month golden Labrador. He is generally a heavy dog and can easily pull my weight or anybody else who takes him walks. He literally drags us all over the place and I don’t know how to stop it I have tried everything. I have a...
  7. L


    This is Bentley! He helps make sure our holiday cottages at Beeson Farm in South Devon are wooftastic!
  8. L

    Hello from Beeson Farm in South Devon!

    Hello, we have just joined the forum. We have a 6 year old black lab who is a bit of an escape artist!! We own dog friendly holiday cottages at Beeson Farm in South Devon which is less than a mile from the dog friendly beach and pub! We look forward to sharing some of our south devon adventures...
  9. H

    Help - my 3 year old labrador just bit someone...

    I'm completely shocked and confused. My 3 year old Labrador has just bitten someone we know in the village having never shown aggressive behaviour before. He runs around outside a lot during the day (in a very excitable manner, he's an overgrown puppy) and we have a gate at the bottom of the...
  10. Breed Lead

    A lead that looks like a dog

    Hello, I wanted to share our new lead with you fellow dog lovers. It is a retractable lead made to look similar to a dog's head. The first design looks like a French bulldog. If you think it is cool and you would like one, then please help us on Kickstarter: Breed Lead: A Retractable Dog Lead...
  11. Rachel2832

    2 dogs living together.. one wants to play constantly the other not bothered

    I've just moved into a new house and my new housemate (who was here before I moved in) has a 4 yr old male springer spaniel. Mine is an almost 2 year old female labrador. When they first met (before we decided if it would work with me moving in) they got on fine and played together. Since moving...
  12. Rachel2832

    Dog has started whining when alone again

    My Labrador is almost 2. I’ve used a crate as she chews things when left alone for longer than an hour. She didn’t like it when she a pup, then I stopped using it as she was ok alone, then I moved house and she chewed lots when alone, so I got a big crate and she took to it really well, went in...
  13. Rachel2832

    Frankie the fox red lab

    Hi, this is my almost 2 yr old fox red lab Frankie
  14. Rachel2832

    Best raw food brand

    Hi! I have an almost 2 yr old female Labrador, she is fairly small for a lab, around 26kg. I started feeding her raw earlier this year and it’s worked great. I’ve been buying bulmers minced bone and meat and mixing it with their offal and tripe. However it is time consuming and smells awful and...
  15. lizzieb

    My labrador is nervous when we have house visitors

    Hello, I have a 3 year old lab called Poppy. She's a very excitable dog and is usually very bouncy when she meets people on our walks. Having said that, when we have friends/family over to our house, the majority of the time she is incredibly quiet and almost cowers in her bed. If they go near...