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Remi is now a 12 week pup (born on 22nd September).
He entered mine & my husbands lives on 6th December - we weren't expecting to take him home that night after a vsit of some pups but I'm so glad we did.

Remi is the first dog we've owned as a couple. I had dogs from 7 years old but just got to do the fun stuff and my husband grew up with cats (had a dog for a very short time).

We've found the first week hard because Remi basically lived in our bedroom because he hated to be outside, downstairs and noises of any kind. He liked to chew every bit of wllpaper & wooden thing he could get his mouth on.

This week, we are getting 'into the swing of things'.

Remi hated the crate and so we built a pen in our living room for him to have more space - we moved in a month ago and we were using the dining room space for storage so decided to make better use.

Remi has bad separation anxiety though we are working on that.


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At 12 weeks, being anxious about being alone is quite normal, so not real separation anxiety.

Keep working on the Flitting Game, he will get there.
Today's progress
  • Spent time outside for 5 minutes, he was geniunely excited to be out there today, we made a fuss with treat & his fave toy (the sausage dog teddy)
  • For an hour and a half, he played happily with my husband and didn't bark/cry for me. I was still sat in the room with my back turned to him but massive improvement than yesterday
  • Did 20 mins separation training with both of us outside the pen, things got too much for him so i went back in. Been in and out of the room/pen a lot today to get him used to us walking in & out
  • Now had his normal naps in the pen - yesterday was all over the place since it was the first time he'd been put into that crate
  • Begining to sleep in the crate himself
  • Did sit/lay down/leave it/stay and combinations of these which went well. Picking up 'stay' which we started Wednesday
  • Remi isn't jumping at me and biting my face too much today & was gentle
  • Is trusting us more, he slept between us a the top of the bed, enjoy being held whilst he slept on our bed this morning & enjoyed belly rubs/snuggles when he woke up after a huge nap


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  • Remi's separation training is going really well. Me & husband are now able to sit on the sofa for a long time with Remi occasionally whining. Barking is not really present anymore during this.
  • Slept in his crate for the first time however did not shut it as we didn't want to stress him out further, following a bad seizure-like state that happened in the early hours of Sunday.
  • Pretty much learned "Give" Though it takes 3 times for him to act. Still, big improvement
  • Husband did some harness training with him on Christmas , at first hated the harness but with some chicken, Remi wore it for a little
  • Experienced Loud Fireworks for the first time last night. A neighbor set them off (we didn't know beforehand) Remi didn't bark but paced around his pen looking for a way out. I sat in with him, he sat behind e and also anted cuddles. I was preparing for him to bark and become a little aggressive at his surroundings
  • Pretty much leaves wallpaper & skirting boards alone now
  • Learning to be gentle & to stop climbing on us to hump
  • Becoming a lot more loving, sometimes want to sit on our laps for a short time
Here's some of him growing up...
Still not liking outside but plan today is to go out there for a few minutes at a time with toys and treats.

Training is going super well with sit, leave it lay down and getting there with other bits


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