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  1. Luke Kershaw

    Documentary film resurrecting an extinct breed!

    The English Deerhound was an extinct breed, lost to the historical fields and hedges of England. So far back in history its name could only be heard through myth and legend. David Platt's had a vision, a goal. To recreate the English Deerhound, dragging the breed back through the fossil records...
  2. FlossyRaptor

    Does Flossy need a trim?

    So, summer’s almost here and with the heat, the hound’s sweltering. I’ve seen other longhair Lurchers who’ve had a close-crop and they look good and seem cooler somehow. But I’ve also read (somewhere, not sure where) that cutting into the lower, Merino coat isn’t a good idea because it might...
  3. FlossyRaptor

    Rolf! (Hello) (Flossy has a problem)

    This is Flossy... She’s around 4-5 years old, a Bedlington-Whippet Lurcher. She’s been with us for a couple of years and is much loved by us and everyone who meets her. Recently, I found a little lump, about the size of my thumbnail, next to one of her nipples. Took her to vet who...
  4. L

    Help Please

    Hello everyone, I'm in desperate need of help with my Lurcher/Collie/whippet/deerhound. Think she is more Collie mixed, she is from a rescue centre. We have had her for over a year now. She is a clever dog and sits when she wants a treat and even gives her paw. Recently something has...
  5. E

    Lurcher non period whippet advice

    Hello I’ve ran my dog in lurcher races and she’s a greyhound x whippet x saluki, is she classed as a non ped whippet? And what is a non ped whippet compared to a long dog? Is a non ped just whippet x greyhound?
  6. Heather and Dotty Dog

    Lurching lurcher!

    Hi everyone! :) Nearly 3 weeks ago I rescued a 6 month old lurcher puppy from Spain. She has a wonderful temperament, very friendly and happy and we have been working hard on her house training and obedience training, which is going well. The thing I am really stuck with is walkies. I kept...
  7. A

    The Cake Challenge is coming!!

    Hi all, Here at Forever Hounds Trust, we are seeking bakers to take part in our Crazy Cake Challenge this October - November. What are we hoping people will do? Well, the idea is simple - make cake, sell cake, eat cake! We are seeking 300 bakers to raise £50 each by holding a cake sale, bake...
  8. A

    Watch - Big Hound Chill Out video

    Big Hound Chill Out 2018! Watch the video and see how you can support Forever Hounds Trust. Thanks for reading <3
  9. K

    Bellamarsh Show - Devon

    Lurcher, Terrier and Family Dog Show Sunday 7th October Showing 1pm In aid of Scruples Whippet Rescue 9am book in for Simulated Coursing Hurdles and Racing Bellamarsh Meadow Chudleigh Road Kingsteignton TQ13 0AJ Enquiries 07762912772 /...
  10. bellbird

    New Home Needed Murphy (Lurcher Link) Handsome Hancock Lurcher

    Handsome Murphy is a 5 year old Hancock dog ( 5/8 x 3/8 collie x Greyhound) and is rough coated grey brindle and white. He's quite a long dog, about 26-27ins TTS. He's come from a family home, but lived out as he was a working dog. We're working on housetraining at the moment as he's in The...
  11. bellbird

    New Home Needed Misty (Lurcher Link) - Teeny Tiny Houndy....

    Misty is about a year old and is a really tiny Bedlington x (allegedly Whippet, but she's only about 10-12ins TTS.) She has all the usual terrier traits - she's feisty, yappy and thinks she's a Rottweiler!! She is NOT an easy dog for a novice dog owner! She needs someone who understands how...