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male dogs

  1. Benj

    Whippets - girl or boy?

    Hi folks! I'm looking at getting a whippet pup from a KC breeder and I've always wanted a female but now I'm having a wobble! I'm wondering if a male dog might be more inclined to play fetch with a ball. I've had a dog before and the ball was such a great way to get exercise on those occasions...
  2. Blessing

    New Community Member

    Hi everyone, I just got a little Cavapoochon and I love him so much and want to make sure I do right by him. Hoping to learn a lot from all of you and lean on you when I need help with my little bubba
  3. E

    Dogs behavioural problems?

    Hi, I wasn't sure how to post on another forum so I'm posting here. I've had my dog 6 years now and he's had a couple of problems with humping when we've moved house but it's always calmed down and he's stopped on the most part so it isn't a problem. My new partner has moves his 3 year old dog...