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Dogs behavioural problems?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by Emma2194, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Emma2194

    Emma2194 New Member Registered

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    Hi, I wasn't sure how to post on another forum so I'm posting here. I've had my dog 6 years now and he's had a couple of problems with humping when we've moved house but it's always calmed down and he's stopped on the most part so it isn't a problem. My new partner has moves his 3 year old dog in 5 months ago, both are male and get along with each other great however my dog keeps mounting the other dog, to the point it's becoming a problem. There are 3 kids in the house and things are being covered in fluids , so it's unhygenic. I thought it could be a dominance thing but surely it would have subsided by now? I'm unsure as to whether I should tell off my boy when he starts or how else to handle it. The other dog tends to just stand and let him do it but again the children are always petting them and it's not ideal having to make sure he's had a wipe before they get a cuddle. Thanks for any advice or information in advance.
  2. JudyN

    JudyN Moderator Moderator Registered

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    The usual advice I've seen isn't to tell the dog off, but redirect him to something more appropriate which in this case could be a large cushion or dog toy reserved for this use. Another approach would be to give him a timeout - every time he starts humping (or when he gets that look in his eye), move him to another room, or a dog pen, or behind a stairgate, so he learns that whenever he does this, the fun stops. He doesn't need to be shut out very long at all - less than a minute is fine, maybe even a few seconds. But you need to be really consistent, so you might be splitting them up several times in a half-hour.

    I think it's fairly unusual for a dog actually to ejaculate when he humps. Is he neutered? If not, neutering might help, though it's not guaranteed.

    Sometimes there's something about the other dog that can cause this behaviour. My dog isn't particularly 'humpy' and when he does it, he doesn't get an erection, but one time we met a male lab who he was totally entranced by and he was 'visibly excited' :eek: I found out after that the other dog had a number of medical conditions he was on medication for and suspect this was in some way connected.
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  3. Ragsysmum

    Ragsysmum Member Registered

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    Is he neutered?

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