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new owner

  1. B

    Finally allowed to get a dog!

    Hello all, New member to the community as, after a huge amount of persuasion, my wife as finally agreed we can get a dog! While we are all hugely excited about having a dog, my wife has given some conditions (me and the kids had to sign a contract ) and I was hoping to get some advice on...
  2. Blessing

    New Community Member

    Hi everyone, I just got a little Cavapoochon and I love him so much and want to make sure I do right by him. Hoping to learn a lot from all of you and lean on you when I need help with my little bubba
  3. VictoriaSonny

    Puppy Insurance - When to start it?

    Hi All, Looking for advice.. Our puppy Sonny is currently 6 ish weeks, he is having his first jab on Saturday 22nd August 2020 and then staying with the breeder until 8 weeks. I will be picking him up at 8 weeks old and having his second jab on the same day. When shall I start the insurance...
  4. Z

    Dog Ownership Advice Needed - Will it work?

    I need some honest advice about whether my bf and I are realistically able to own a dog at this point in our lives. Firstly we are both very outdoorsy / active people and I have already have extensive experiences with both dogs and horses growing up - so I am no stranger to the realities of pet...
  5. Kate smith

    Puppy owner

    Hi everyone, I'm Kate and I have joined the forum as I will soon be rescuing a puppy. I am rather new in the dog world and will therefore spend a lot of time on here, looking for tips and advice. Hopefully I can help you in the future too! :-) My first question will have to be very generic...
  6. M

    Whippet puppy - help please!

    Hi there I'm new to the forum - i'm going to be taking on a whippet pup in about 4 weeks. Very excited as this is my first dog, albeit I've been around dogs all of my life. This is my own pup. First question is. I look after my sister's dog. She's a small dog. A chihuahua, yorkie, terrier, so...