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puppy behaviour

  1. T

    Toddler with Poodle

    Hi friends, I'm new here and I need your help. I'm mum of a 3 years old girl and a 3 months old poodle. Our sweet poodle doesn't want to accept me as "the boss in the house". My husband and I are trying to teach the dog to eat only from its bowl on the floor. My girl is allowing the puppy to...
  2. E

    Looking for some advice on biting!

    Hi all, My family and I have recently rehomed a lovely 14 week old border collie puppy. She's settled in brilliant but has a biting issue. She seems to only bite on individual in the family (oldest son) whether it be hands or clothing and ankles when he moves etc. So.e of the bites are breaking...
  3. N

    Puppy aggression?

    Hi everyone, Our 9 week puppy has started to nip and growl at our feet and latch on and won’t let go. We have tried ouch and wiggling toys to trade, and tried to not over stimulate her when she is latched on. Tried to ignore her and sit on the couch to which she will jump on the couch and will...
  4. T

    Pomchi puppy aggressive behaviour.

    Hi, We have recently brought a Pomchi puppy and we have named him Pablo. We love Pablo very much & he’s 11 weeks young and he’s been with us since last Thursday (6 days). We researched for months about the breed and we were happy to find ourselves in a position to be owners of Pablo last week...
  5. VictoriaSonny

    Barking off leash

    Hi. I’ve posted before about this and took into consideration what was said to try and help. I’ve avoided those open spaces as advised and Sonny loves putting his harness and lead on. We have done training on a 30 metre leash and ten metre for recall training, and he’s getting really good. Then...
  6. Lesterapthorp

    Existing Older Dog not the same since Puppy

    Hey all. I've been reading a lot online and getting contradicting answers (I suppose it is a guessing game) but I wanted to put my own post up with our circumstances and get everyones opinions. TIA. Me, my other half Jade, and her dog Bruce, a 7 year old Pomeranian moved in together in March...
  7. DogLover12345__

    What are some good dental sticks?

    Hi there, we recently got Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treat Dental Chews for our 4-month-old puppy and I was wondering if other dog owners have bought the product and can provide some feedback on it. Thank you
  8. DogLover12345__

    What is the first thing you should train your puppy?

    Hello, we just got a new puppy and it is a cockapoo. He is very sweet and loving and doesn't shed any hair, for my wife's sake! :D I just wanted to ask dog owners with more experience about the first thing we should train him. He is 4 months old. We tried looking for some online training guides...
  9. S

    Cavapoo mum

    Hi there, I'm Suzie, mum to Kenny, our 6 month old Cavapoo. He's generally great but, given he's our 'lockdown puppy', he does suffer from separation anxiety from me given I've been with him the most in our family, and is a bit naughty, climbing on furniture he shouldn't, chewing our coffee...
  10. M

    Puppy pitbull biting hard

    Hello i have pitbull pupy 8 weeks old and she is biting a lot in trying to correct it, i stip playing when she bites but she keep chasing me and biting my ankles and toes, i really wanna teach her not to bite me because if this continues she will start biting when she grow give me any advices im...
  11. N

    Labrador bad at walking

    Hello guys I’m actually looking for any help at all. I have an 11 month golden Labrador. He is generally a heavy dog and can easily pull my weight or anybody else who takes him walks. He literally drags us all over the place and I don’t know how to stop it I have tried everything. I have a...
  12. iizzymitch

    New puppy cries at night

    Desperate for advice! My partner and I brought home an 8 week old staffy pup on Sunday (10th Nov). He is our first puppy and he is doing well, toilet training is getting there, but he won’t stop crying at night. I’m finding it very distressing and have made matters worse by sleeping on the sofa...
  13. P

    New puppy - help

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a sprocker puppy. She's been with me for 2 weeks now and is 10 weeks old. She's great, overall a lovely lovely dog and she's doing great with commands and training. However we have 1 problem... she whines, howls and barks whenever she's in the room on her...
  14. Shanti Lall

    Conflicting puppy raising philosophies

    Hi guys, I need some arbitration, please. My husband and I are at loggerheads about how to raise and train our puppy (a 19 week old labrador/springer spaniel/border collie mix). The training classes we've been going to, and a dog trainer friend all advise that we should not allow behaviours...