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puppy raising

  1. iizzymitch

    New puppy cries at night

    Desperate for advice! My partner and I brought home an 8 week old staffy pup on Sunday (10th Nov). He is our first puppy and he is doing well, toilet training is getting there, but he won’t stop crying at night. I’m finding it very distressing and have made matters worse by sleeping on the sofa...
  2. P

    New puppy - help

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a sprocker puppy. She's been with me for 2 weeks now and is 10 weeks old. She's great, overall a lovely lovely dog and she's doing great with commands and training. However we have 1 problem... she whines, howls and barks whenever she's in the room on her...
  3. Shanti Lall

    Sofa jumping and exercise/sleeping

    Hi guys. We have a couple of dilemmas with our 10 week old 'sprolliedor' puppy. In the past few days she has has grown enough to now be able to jump onto our sofa. Since we've been told she should not be jumping on anything higher than her elbow, I have been trying to have a no going no the sofa...
  4. Shanti Lall

    Overexcitement when cleaning up accidents

    Hi everyone. Okay, first question: we are paper training Florrie, our 9 week old lab/bc/springer puppy. But each time we start cleaning up one of her accidents, she goes a bit manic, tries to steal the soiled piece of kitchen towel or j cloth and then tears around madly ('zoomies'). Anyone else...
  5. leashedForLife

    Some good, trustworthy resources for new-pup or new-dog owners

    . Even if U're not a novice, every dog is an individual, & our latest loves might throw us some wild curve-balls. Information is everywhere, but GOOD info can be hard to winnow from the half-a$$ed hooey. :oops: Here are some really-reliable sources: - especially Free...