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Some good, trustworthy resources for new-pup or new-dog owners

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by leashedForLife, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. leashedForLife

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    Even if U're not a novice, every dog is an individual, & our latest loves might throw us some wild curve-balls. Information is everywhere, but GOOD info can be hard to winnow from the half-a$$ed hooey. :oops:

    Here are some really-reliable sources: - especially
    Free downloads

    ... where U'll find 2 free downloadable books on basic manners, teach a soft mouth, socialize / habituate, & more, plus individual topics.

    Tufts Univ -
    U can sign up for a newsletter, "Your Dog", or just peruse the back-issues for helpful topics.
    Dear Doctor: The Puppy wonÂ’t stop Jumping on People - Tufts Your Dog Article

    - terry

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