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rescue dog

  1. T

    Rescued a 6.5 week old puppy - tips and help needed!

    Hi everyone, Looking for some advice and any tips you have as experience dog owners. Me and my partner have rescued a puppy from a farm where she was the runt of the litter and the farmer has suggested she would ‘have to be put down if no one took her’ because she was ‘lazy and not a good...
  2. P

    New rescue dog - phantom season?

    Hello I haven't posted here before and hope that someone can advise.....I have recently rehomed a working cocker bitch un-neutered and 2 years old. I already have a castrated labradoodle boy. She settled in really well and she's very happy at finding herself in a home for the first time (she was...
  3. Lucygevans

    Hello! Dog Mum of a rescue!

    We have had Hetty (1yo rescued Bulgarian Street dog) for 2 months now! She is very anxious of people/noises/surroundings. We are still getting to grips with what triggers her and how to help, but looking forward to learning and to see what tips I can pick up from being here :emoji_blush:
  4. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's progress

    So, as you all know, after our lovely, beautiful JRT Lady passed away, we adopted Rocco the Indian Pariah (Pye). He's so sweet, we adopted him in May 2019 and he has been in my family ever since. He's gotten comfortable and is really happy here. He still gets very nervous around men and does not...
  5. Falconer

    Thoughts on bringing another whippet into a only dog household?

    Hi all, I’m new here. My Dash is a pedigree whippet from a rescue, 5 and a half years old, we have had him since 10 months. He is such a spoilt only dog and his whole world revolves around us! He still has some separation anxiety from previous homes. We want to adopt a Candy Cane Rescue whippet...