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  1. RobRam23

    Toilet training guidance

    Hello! We’ve had our girl snickers now for nearly 4 weeks with it being our first time training a puppy. We think she’s around 6 months old now and we’re struggling with toilet training. when we first got her her breeders said she was using puppy pads indoors as they hadn’t got any of her...
  2. A

    Hybrid work

    Hello, I am desperate to get a dog. I bought a house just so I could get one, however I was working such a demanding job previously I decided against it. Since this however I have started a new job which is hybrid working so 3 days a week plus weekends I am home all day or can at least take...
  3. Maryhw

    Puppy night time toileting query

    Hey! I recently got a whippet puppy. He is 10 and a half weeks old. This is his 5th night with us. Luckily he settles very quickly in his crate and doesn’t whine at night. Last night I set 2 alarms to take him to toilet, both times he got up and went with me (successfully eliminated!). Tonight I...
  4. P

    Raising a puppy in a flat and working shifts. Need advice

    I'd like to get a puppy and I'm doing a lot of research into how to raise them and what they need etc, but I'm a bit concerned as to whether it would be more difficult considering my circumstances. I live in a first floor flat with balcony, by myself and work early morning shifts (leave at 3am...
  5. P

    Nightime Toilet Issues - Puppy 6 months

    Hi all, I have a Jack Russell Pug Cross who is 6 months old now. We are still having issues with her pooing in the night, she seems to go a week without doing it but then goes a few days in a row where she is doing it every night, she never asks to go out either. She is walked around 9.00 pm...
  6. L

    Toilet training advice - 7 month old

    Hello I’m new to the forum so hope I manage to give enough info to get some advice... My partner and I have a 7-month old French Bulldog. We had him from 8 weeks and he was already paper trained (puppy pads) we straight away worked on the toilet training and he did really well. A few accidents...
  7. G

    Greyhound potty training

    Hi! Last week, my girlfriend and I recently adopted a 2.5 month old greyhound called Lilo (pronounced leelu as we are in Spain), from a rescue centre. He is a lovely but very anxious dog, very scared of being alone or in confined spaces. He was found abandoned 2 weeks ago. He wants to be with...