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We’ve had our girl snickers now for nearly 4 weeks with it being our first time training a puppy. We think she’s around 6 months old now and we’re struggling with toilet training.

when we first got her her breeders said she was using puppy pads indoors as they hadn’t got any of her injections yet (she was around 14 weeks at this point).

She’s had her injections now and is able to go outside. Early morning she will happily do her business outside and we give her a treat when she does so but for some reason after the initial poop and wee outside she doesn’t poop outside whatsoever, it’s like she only thinks she has to do that in the morning? It’s very strange because she will pee outside. Im just at a loss and would appreciate some guidance, I want to get it right for both our sakes.

thanks in advance!
We have a guide here that you might find helpful but if you think it doesn't address your problems properly please do shout out.

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