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  1. B

    Harness Recomendations for Lurcher

    Hi everyone, Our six month old lurcher puppy needs a new harness. The problem we are having is that he has slightly odd body proportions due to his mix (mainly a greyhound x beagle x foxhound + many other breeds) and his current harness fits in some areas but not others. Due to him being a...
  2. D

    Whippet excercise

    Hi. My name is David and I’ve just joined the community. My partner and I have our first dog who we love dearly: a 6 months old, female, blue brindle whippet, called Elsa. She enjoys being off-lead in the local fields, always keeping an eye on where we are and returning when called. She runs at...
  3. C

    Terrified Collie

    Hi Everyone, I have a collie who is almost 2 years old. He is very playful and happy, everything else is perfect but he is absolutely terrified of cars. When we go on walks he is fine until a car passes and then he pulls back on the lead and actually attempts to run in front of the cars...
  4. VictoriaSonny

    Sonny's Behaviour

    Hi Guys, Sonny is now 15 weeks old and training is going well! Fully house trained, no accidents in weeks now! He can sit, down, stand, touch, paw and stay - (stay is had work)! The few problems I am having with him follows; Lead training. He is a puller! I have tried many techniques as...
  5. N

    Labrador bad at walking

    Hello guys I’m actually looking for any help at all. I have an 11 month golden Labrador. He is generally a heavy dog and can easily pull my weight or anybody else who takes him walks. He literally drags us all over the place and I don’t know how to stop it I have tried everything. I have a...
  6. K

    My puppy St Bernard Walking Isssues

    Hi all, Just really need some advice. We have a 21 weeks old St Bernard, she is beautiful and hard work (!). We are still trying to stop biting but my main issue is she doesn’t want to walk.. everyone thinks it’s so funny when they see her sitting down but it’s hard work. I’ve tried walking...
  7. B

    end of walk = crazy time

    I have been walking my cocker now for around a month and nearly every time we go to go home (he knows the route now) he starts trying to race away and throwing himself in the air while on the lead, he then ignores the no command. I usually stop until then we set off again and in seconds it...
  8. DogWalkingCarlisle

    Dog Walking in Carlisle (Cumbria)

    We are a Carlisle based family business with more than 15 years experience in dog care. We have owned dogs, cats and other animals for many years. We are committed to offering a professional and reliable service, ensuring the welfare and safety of your pets whilst they are in our care. The...
  9. J


    Hey guys, I have an eight month old miniature poodle named Lilly. Every now and again I have issues whilst outside walking her. She never pulls on the leash rather stays behind me and needs encouragement to come. There are times when she doesn't respond to commands and seems just to want to...
  10. J


    Hey guys, I've decided to join here to get tips and tricks and how to raise my dog better. I think it's important to always look for new methods, techniques and tips from others to see what I can improve on! I've based my training methods on Zac George and his reward thinking based technique...
  11. J

    Dog Walking survey

    Hi their my name is jack im doing a business assignment where i have to provide a survey about dog walking would be much appreciated if you could answer would really help me out.
  12. Heather and Dotty Dog

    Lurching lurcher!

    Hi everyone! :) Nearly 3 weeks ago I rescued a 6 month old lurcher puppy from Spain. She has a wonderful temperament, very friendly and happy and we have been working hard on her house training and obedience training, which is going well. The thing I am really stuck with is walkies. I kept...
  13. M

    Whippet puppy - help please!

    Hi there I'm new to the forum - i'm going to be taking on a whippet pup in about 4 weeks. Very excited as this is my first dog, albeit I've been around dogs all of my life. This is my own pup. First question is. I look after my sister's dog. She's a small dog. A chihuahua, yorkie, terrier, so...
  14. Hooley1993

    After crucial ligament surgery

    This is just a general query! My rottie tore her crucial ligament in her back leg last summer and since then has had surgery to repair it! My vet told me after she’d been given the all clear that she was fine going for walks but maybe not let her play with other dogs. I’ve let her off a few...
  15. R

    Refusing to walk

    Me and Ralph again! We’ve had this issue for several weeks and would appreciate any advice on how to change it! My puppy refuses to walk away from the house on a walk, we’re pretty much at the stage now where it’s just a drag. He’ll sit or lie down. If we drive somewhere, he’ll walk lovely...