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  1. B

    Please help with separation anxiety

    Hi everyone, we picked up our puppy last Wednesday so we’ve had him for under a week. We knew leaving him (not for long or even us leaving the house of course) would be challenging but we aren’t seeing any change with the wee guy. We can’t even leave his sight without him howling and even if...
  2. A

    Puppy happy to be left but only for a short amount of time..

    Hi, we have a wonderful 13 week old terrier he’s a very excitable chap and has lots of energy! We’ve been slowly training him to be happy left alone, and he’s doing pretty well! So far we have been able to leave him in his crate for around an hourish as long as he is very very tired. However...
  3. A

    Please Help!! Greyhound Destroying Bedding in Crate.

    Hi All, I'm really in dire straits right now and desperate for some help and advice, my Greyhound is persistently destroying her bedding in her crate when it's time to go to bed, her whining and heavy panting is also starting to become difficult to live with. Here's some background info for...
  4. S

    Change in behaviour

    Hi My 9 year old Lhasa Maltese cross’ behaviour has changed in recent weeks. He’s always been an alert dog barking at the doorbell etc but recently he seems so nervy jumping if we just move or he hears a sound. He whines at us even though he’s fed, watered,walked etc and gets plenty of...
  5. I

    Puppy off day?

    Hey, So are 12 week old cockapoo has been doing really well with his day time crating and training. He was able to stay on his own in his crate for 30/45 minutes (it takes him about 3-4 minutes to calm himself down).. However, today he has been really barking and whining when I have put him in...
  6. Rachel2832

    Dog has started whining when alone again

    My Labrador is almost 2. I’ve used a crate as she chews things when left alone for longer than an hour. She didn’t like it when she a pup, then I stopped using it as she was ok alone, then I moved house and she chewed lots when alone, so I got a big crate and she took to it really well, went in...