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£100 Pounds To The Winner

Malcolm Clarke

New Member
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Something for whippet racers to look forward to at. Stockton on Tees Wrc.

Will be holding a Time handicap for dogs that have timed in During this season and up to May 25th 2005.

The Big Money Handicap will be held Wednesday 1st June 05

Entry to this handicap is not restricted to stockton dogs only and is open to all dogs from any area.

Entry fee Will be £2.20 per dog.Dogs Must on the card by the 25th May 2005

Visitors will be made must welcome

All dogs for the Big handicap pre entered no later than Monday the 30th May this can be any time between Wednesday 25th May-30th May

Telephone: Porky on 01642-889381 with your entries

Important Notice Dogs Can not grade in on the Night
i was over there tonight and must say the track was in tip top condition

Pedigree racing whippets are welcome to enter this event. Our club has a 20 yard

maxium Gate. Our Scratch Dogs are around about 8.50sec over 150yards.

Your dog would need to run a time 9.70 or less for the same distance to have a chance of winning.

Why not call down on Wednesday and trial your dog

Someone has to Win the £100 pounds 1st prize.

It might as well be you!

Remember bring a sence of humer and forget the election

We had the red carpet out for you. Porky had polished his stop watch.

but you did not show.

No problem theres alway's next week.

Remember only three more weeks to time in these are the dates

Wednesday 11th May 05

Wednesday 18th May 05

Wednesday 25th May 05 ( This is the last chance to get on the card for the big handicap)

£100 Pounds to the WINNER

Some one's got to win.

stockton is near middlesbrough up the A19
Gaz still to ruff of weekend Malcolm, and dogs a little sore

We will be over next week
Hi Mark

You would be more than welcome to give our club a visit,better still enter you dogs

i would love to see you collect the £100 pounds


Just three more Wednesday nights to time in. if you can get there tonight trials start at 6.30 Look forward to seeing you all.

£100 to wiiner on the Big final night

Exception to the rule!-----Gary Bailey keeps drinking :cheers: and ending up being rough day after ----Practise dont make perfect :cheers: ----give it up Gary ----Water :oops: is strong enough for you!!!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: steve
Great turn out tonight handicap building up well. The hype is begining to kick in.

Porky has asked all racers to note they must run in the handicap on Wednesday the 25th May other wise entry to the big one the following week can not be accepted. :- "

A reminder dogs can not be timed in on the night :b

weather was fantastic tonight, plenty of on lookers to debate what has a chance off there marks so far.

but has the winner timed in yet, mat be not

see you next week

Best of luck to those who time in next week.

Malcolm :thumbsup:
Hi folks

Only two more chances to get on the card. Trials 6.30 on Wednesday. :- "

Remember you are all welcome. :cheers:

We have dogs timed in from Shildon, Scarbrough,

Dawdon Aycliffe and of course Stockton.

We would like to see dogs from Murton, Peterlee, Horden, Wallsend,Westerhope

If you have a good handicap dog or bitch come on get it timed in.

Our handicapper is under strict instructions to get every dog across the line together. (w00t)

May be Gary Gorton would time one in. Who would bet against Garys Dogs At the moment. :D

Porky is sweating now boys :sweating:

Malcolm :thumbsup:
Another Great Nights racing tonight :D

When the flying machine Bud Graded in tonight, Porky was is a sweat. :sweating:

No your not correct he did not lift the handicap and did not have to go minus :- "

He got scratch and was only just beat in his heat. :eek:

Next Week is the last time you can time a dog in for the Big One.

IMPORTANT any dog wishing to enter the £100 Pounds To the winner Handicap

must be on the card and must compete in next weeks handicap. :- "

Best of luck to all the dogs timing in next week :thumbsup:


I am sure those of you who have been following this thread will know.

Wednesday night will be very interesting racing at Stockton as no body will want to lose there mark, for the following week o:)

However any dog trialing in this week will be able to enter the Big Handicap next

week for the £100 to the winner. (w00t)

Why not Pop over even if you only want to watch 8)

IMPORTANT: You must run your dog this week. If you wish to run in the BIG ONE.

Good Luck

To you all

Malcolm :thumbsup:
Hi All

The committee of Stockton WRC would like to thank all who have supported this event and May the best Trainer win. :luck:

The Final Will be held this Wednesday 1st June. :))

Yrd per lb handicap will start shortly this will also carry a big prize Win. :thumbsup:



red uptown bear 2nd

blue black magic 1st and well done

wht kiz my ass 3rd

well done to all that entered


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