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Hi All

Looks like debbie has beaten me to posting the result of tonights £100 handicap.

£100 Final Winner £10 second

R Tiger Ellie 8 scr 2nd

B Black Magic 10 2 1st place Great Performance Well done :thumbsup:

w kiss my ass 15 7 3rd

Due injurys there was a depleted turn out, however i think the whole of country

thought porky had it in the bag. Porkys Dido ran well and led all the way but put a short couple of strides to be touch off by Kiss my ass in his heat.

Ted Smithson,s Old Timer Ink spot ran an excellant race,he was also narrowly beaten.

Some great racing no dog won by any great distance in all races there were a blanket finish.

Even with so much at stake this was enjoyed by all who turned out to watch.and even more so by those who had a runner

Thank you for supporting this event.

Kind Regards


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