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8 month old cavachon wet underneath

Martin Hayes

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum, so I hope I’ve done it correctly. I have an eight-month-old male cavashon puppy, who is fully toilet trained and has been for a few months. In the last week or so, we have found that twice after he has been asleep during the day in the kitchen his undercarriage and the floor where he was sleeping has been slightly damp. There isn’t much liquid, but it appears clear and doesn’t really smell. We’ve ruled out a UTI, so unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a simple explanation. Has anyone experienced anything similar with their dogs?
Hello and welcome - can I ask how you have ruled out a UTI?

It does sound like loss of bladder control rather than other things (although possibly another bodily fluid ... :oops:).

Whenever we think our dogs are housetrained, there's always one more accident waiting to happen! Does he sleep quite deeply, maybe he is having an accident in his sleep?
Is the damp patch right under where he slept - on a bed, or rug? And was it in the same place each time?

Apparently, dogs can ejaculate in sleep, if they're having a particularly 'exciting' dream....
Thanks for the replies. Vet ruled out uti through a urine test. In both cases, it was underneath where he was sleeping on the kitchen floor. Never happened before, but I am wondering whether it is linked to his not being neutered, but I didn’t think that happened with dogs. Never happened in his crate before, by the way.
Just to throw another possibility in, I don't suppose he could have had a damp undercarriage before he settled down to sleep, such as if he'd been walking through wet grass?

It does seem like something you can just monitor for now. As it's during the day, maybe you'll see the evidence as it happens. He does seem to be the right age for there being a hormonal influence increasing the likelihood of naughty dreams... But I certainly wouldn't recommend getting him neutered just to remedy this.
Could he just be HOT and sweaty when he is lying down ?
I'm with the adolescent boy thing. He might be licking himself as well. Ignore it and it should stop in its own time.

Also, is his bed synthetic, which might link in with excuseme's suggestion? A warm dog, high humidity + synthetic fabric would lead to dampness. If you don't want to replace the bed, a couple of thick cotton towels or sheets would probably make a difference.
I would wait until he is fully matured before getting him castrated...its now proven even with smaller dogs to wait until they are at least 18 months old ...
Thanks for the replies. To the last poster, when you say “it is now proven”, are you able to post a link to the relevant studies proving this? Thanks a lot.
Thanks for the replies. To the last poster, when you say “it is now proven”, are you able to post a link to the relevant studies proving this? Thanks a lot.
My vets will not neuter before the age of 18 months for smaller dogs ..2 for large dogs ...its to make sure the growth plates have closed and the dog is mature in himself...I know from previous experience neutering male dogs early can keep them very immature .obviously this is your choice for your pup ...
What a shame that more vets don't act this way. My old vet who is retired now would not neuter or spay young dogs or puppies, he actually turned clients away and told them to come back when they were older. I am sure they probably found another vet who wanted the job and got it done at another practice. Their choice too !
Thanks for the replies. To the last poster, when you say “it is now proven”, are you able to post a link to the relevant studies proving this? Thanks a lot.
If you Google something like the journal PloS you'll probably find the evidence you need, but just to add that it is now generally accepted that early neutering has a negative effect on not just growth plates but factors such as the dimension of the urethra, which can lead to urinary problems later in life, and also behaviour. It is absolutely crucial that male dogs have sufficient testosterone when they are going through adolescence because this helps them get through the so-called 'fear periods' (where dogs around the age of 7-18 months become anxious around things that have never worried them previously) .

I have met a lot of male dogs in particular who have been neutered before maturity and almost all of them had developed behaviour problems associated with a lack of confidence, anxiety and sometimes fear.
It's not a recent"theory"it's a proven medical fact, the prepubescent neutering delays the timeous closure of the epiphyseal plates & leads to overgrowth & weakening of the bones because of the overgrowth.
I gave never routinely castrated my dogs & my current dogs are only castrated because they are rescues & it's part of the rescues rules.
Castrated dogs are more likely to develop certain cancers:- prostate cancer being one & certainly in Cavaliers castration can make the coat almost unmanageable for pet owners

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