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  1. B

    7 month puppy jumping and biting on walks

    Hi everyone, We have a seven month old lurcher puppy who is absolutely great. However, we are experiencing a major problem with his behaviour whenever he is outside (walk, garden, or going to the toilet). It has been happening for about 3 months now and we do have a trainer but we aren't seeing...
  2. S

    What do you feed your puppy?

    Hello I have a 12 week old Doberman/weimaraner cross, we are just figuring out what would be best in terms of feeding and just wanted to know what other Doberman/weimaraner/big boy owners fed/are feeding their pups?! We are currently using naturediet wet food and adding in some puppy canagan...
  3. T

    Rescued a 6.5 week old puppy - tips and help needed!

    Hi everyone, Looking for some advice and any tips you have as experience dog owners. Me and my partner have rescued a puppy from a farm where she was the runt of the litter and the farmer has suggested she would ‘have to be put down if no one took her’ because she was ‘lazy and not a good...
  4. L

    Exercising a very bouncy JRT puppy

    Our little JRT puppy is 18 weeks old and we are really struggling to get any advice about exercise that makes any sense. Everything I can see online says a maximum of two sessions of 20 minutes exercise each day. However, 20 minutes doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of his energy...
  5. J

    Raw food for my puppy

    I'm currently feeding my dogue de boxer nature's menu raw puppy food 80% meat 20% vegetables. My question, is this good enough or should I be feeding kibble or anything else aswell?
  6. M

    8 month old cavachon wet underneath

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum, so I hope I’ve done it correctly. I have an eight-month-old male cavashon puppy, who is fully toilet trained and has been for a few months. In the last week or so, we have found that twice after he has been asleep during the day in the kitchen...
  7. L

    Lagotto Romagnolo

    Hi everyone, I am new here I am a lagotto romagnolo lover, owner and breeder. Lagotto, an Italian water dog is a rare breed in the UK. Very intelligent, easy to train, truffles hunters. Non shading. I will be happy to tell you all about the breed
  8. A


    Morning , we have a 12 week old Patterdale - absolutely adore him . Doing so well with training , toilet , sleeping approx 11 till 5 - a real good boy Hubby went back to work yesterday and I put him to bed for the first time ( he’s been home for 12 days now ) poor boy was not happy . He...
  9. D

    New Cocker Spaniel Puppy Advice

    Morning all, Myself and my partner got a Cocker Spaniel puppy on May 15th and he is now 9.5 weeks old. We just want to make sure we are doing the right thing when it comes to crate training and ensuring the dog doesn't have any separation anxiety when growing up. We feel we are doing...
  10. A

    Puppy happy to be left but only for a short amount of time..

    Hi, we have a wonderful 13 week old terrier he’s a very excitable chap and has lots of energy! We’ve been slowly training him to be happy left alone, and he’s doing pretty well! So far we have been able to leave him in his crate for around an hourish as long as he is very very tired. However...
  11. L

    5 month old puppy eating stones on walks

    Hi. Our 5 month old jackapoo pup is obsessed with eating stones/leaves/feathers/tissues/cigarette butts/plastic on a walk. You name it, its goes in his mouth. We can manage sometimes to distract with a treat and call out drop it - and he will drop, but a lot of the times the item has disappeared...
  12. A

    New owner with a Border Collie

    Hello everyone, I am a new owner, never had a dog before, with an 8 month old female Border Collie called Ruby. Must admit she is a handful, especially as I am an unhealthy 61 year old. Fortunately my wife is here to help and she is at least used to dogs throughout her childhood although not...
  13. H

    Puppy started to whine again at night

    Hey! Happy new year all! I’m just after some advice. Our 15 week old whippet puppy, from about day 3, settled really well (most nights) in his crate in the living room which is down the hall from our bedroom. In the last couple of weeks we had a great routine where we had no problems with him at...
  14. H

    Puppy not drinking water

    Hello! Our beautiful whippet puppy who is 12 and a half weeks old doesn’t seem to be interested in drinking any water. I always put a bowl of fresh water down every day and leave it until we put him to bed at night (I only take it away when he is in his crate at nighttime so he doesn’t...
  15. H

    How do I teach a puppy to be alone

    Hello, I have a now 11 week old whippet puppy who has been with us for 9 days. For the last 5 days I have been on my own with him while my partner has been away for some training (I don’t work from home but I have had annual leave this week). I was just wondering how I can teach my puppy to be...
  16. H

    Puppy night time toileting query

    Hey! I recently got a whippet puppy. He is 10 and a half weeks old. This is his 5th night with us. Luckily he settles very quickly in his crate and doesn’t whine at night. Last night I set 2 alarms to take him to toilet, both times he got up and went with me (successfully eliminated!). Tonight I...
  17. triage999

    New Frenchie owner, long time dog mum

    Hi all, After losing my 11 year old Minpin x Chi unexpectedly though illness, leaving his yorkie buddy and I bereft I have entered into the realms of Frenchie ownership. I chose the Frenchie as he has similar attributes to my boy I lost, just slightly chunkier and squishy nosed. It’s day...
  18. yhb

    Advice on how to care my baby after spaying

    Hello my husband and I decided to spay now 10months old our little Maltipoo. It was a very difficult decision for me putting her through the surgery but after seeing her struggled so much with her season and phantom pregnancy for long time, we did many research and talking with the vet, We...
  19. A

    Help dog hates new puppy

    Hi everyone, we got a new puppy and our older dog hates her, first time they so each other the older dog sniffed her for a second and tried to bite her straight away, ever since everytime she sees her she tries to get her, we can even put the puppy down, tried to with the puppy in her crate and...
  20. yhb

    My fussy 9month old

    Hello I am after some advice. My Maltipoo baby is 9month old. She has been having many health struggles since she came to us Every time she has some health issue she goes off food. It’s almost every month. It happened again and wondering what to do. She had her first season three months ago She...