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Morning , we have a 12 week old Patterdale - absolutely adore him . Doing so well with training , toilet , sleeping approx 11 till 5 - a real good boy

Hubby went back to work yesterday and I put him to bed for the first time ( he’s been home for
12 days now ) poor boy was not happy . He barked / cried / whimpered etc .
Getting conflicting comments from members in household - leave him to cry , go
comfort him etc etc . In the end I was beside myself . After about an hour he did calm and has slept till 6 this morning . As expected lots of mess to clear up and he’s now fast asleep on my lap . Oh the guilt !
Any advice would be great - wish you all a happy Friday x
Getting conflicting comments from members in household - leave him to cry , go
comfort him etc etc

The ”leave them to cry” is quite old fashioned advice. Like babies, puppies need reassurance and comfort - think of it like this, if you had a three year old child who was crying because of monsters under the bed, would they be better reassured if you checked, gave them a hug and held their hand, or if you told them to suck it up and left them alone?

There are plenty articles out there that explain that your puppy will become more confident as he learns you are there for him when he needs you, not more dependant.

You didn't say whether his bed is in a crate; but if it is, you also risk poisoning the crate for him.

So, comfort him, better still have his bed in your room so he learns you are there for him and he learns good sleep manners.

I appreciate it isn't his first few nights but you may find this helpful -

Your new puppy: the first few nights

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