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Raw food for my puppy


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I'm currently feeding my dogue de boxer nature's menu raw puppy food 80% meat 20% vegetables. My question, is this good enough or should I be feeding kibble or anything else aswell?
Yes, it's a complete food so there's no need to add anything. As with humans, though, it's fine to have the odd 'extra', so you could use a good-quality kibble or other 'extras' as convenient rewards.

It could also be worth offering the occasional chicken wing to help keep the teeth clean, moving up to chicken carcasses as your dog grows.
Thanks for the reply. Some other people have said I need to add something like kibble to his diet just wanted other options. He has rabbit ears, duck feet ect twice a week
I think the rabbit ears etc. would be good for his teeth, so that's good. We have more info about raw feeding here which you may find useful: Raw feeding
Be very careful from where you source rabbit ears etc. - many pet shop versions are imported from China and there can be very dodgy preservation substances used. I believe it's possible to get safe ones, so just adding the information as it might help others too.
I feed my dog Honey's Real Dog Food raw. He gets other treats too, like bits of chicken, biscuits and dog treats. He also gets one of their bones to nibble on from time to time, too.
Chicken wings and whole carcasses would be a lovely choice to add.
I start puppies on raw bones from 5 weeks of age and by 8 weeks of age they are very accomplished eaters of all raw bones.
Although you can mix kibble and raw products together I would take care what kibble I bought.
Natures Menu puppy foods are complete, nothing else is required.
Natures menu make nice mixers they also supply raw chicken wings.
Take care with your kibbles, as so many of them are loaded with cheap fillers/grain.
A well known name does not always guarantee good quality kibble. They may tell you they are the best and natural but not always true!:eek::rolleyes:

Enjoy your puppies healthy raw feeding:D
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Sounds like he's getting a great start:) Off topic, but any pictures??:rolleyes: (of your pup, not the food...!)

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