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Hi folks new to the forum and dog owning lol.
We just picked Bonnie up on Friday. She's an Irish Coated Wheaten Terrier. She's 8 weeks old and a wee terror lol. But we can't stay mad at her for long, just look at that face.
She's teething and behing a wee madam but can't complain too much as she sleeps a lot during the night (thank goodness!)
Hope to learn a lot about being a fur-baby mummy, in particular training
Dee x


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Welcome to the forum @Dee89 ans Bonnie! She is so gorgeous :rolleyes::rolleyes::oops::oops:

You’ve come to the right place for lots of help and advice!
Welcome! What a sweetie! It's great when they curl up on your lap like that, isn't it? :)
She doesn't get up on the couch often as she's always pawing or whining to get up. We're trying to only let her up when she's calm and when she sits (using a clicker) but she's still so young she's got too much energy she doesn't want to sit lol
She's already got a cheeky personality coming out
Dee x

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