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A ferrety update

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Don't we all! It's so overwhelming. We all know you will do whatever's best for him, and bless the fact that animals live in the moment. Sending goodvibes.
when I'm given so much info like this, I forget to ask the questions I really need to ask...
I can relate to that 100%. I'm sorry to read Goose isn't well, and like others have said, I hope with your care and the vet's expertise, he picks up soon.
I feel a bit more positive today, I had a long soak last night and a good cry...I think one of the things I was finding hard is that I can still feel the echo of Iggy taking his last breath snuggled up on my shoulder and the thought of going through this again with Goose at some point got a bit too close and a bit too real...
So today is a new day, taking one day at a time. As @Hemlock so rightly said thankfully animals live in the moment, so that's right where I need to be.
Goose's update. At the mo he seems to be doing ok, eating well and playing. He's still on antacids but no other meds. His digestion isn't great still though. I've been doing loads of research on suitable probiotics for ferrets, the one the vet recommended I was never quite happy with, sure its upset his tum more, so i stopped it.(fortiflora for cats). I found one that looked as good as I was going to find, 'Proviable DC' but you can only get it in America!! Ferret gut flora is quite different to cats but ferret specific anything is hard to come by...(yes I've been trawling the internet for days!:rolleyes:)
Anyhow, I've found one here that hopefully will be a bit better, at least with no unwanted ingredients in. So as it stands with the boy, we're still taking each day as it comes, another pee test before xmas and possibly a blood test in January, all to keep an eye on his kidney function. And in the meantime I'll just continue to try and keep him as healthy
as possible.
Now for some pics! Goose's belly fur is growing back at last! And I thought I'd add a silly pic of Iggy:D


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He certainly looks alot perkier ....everything crossed that you find what you are looking for....:Dto keep as comfortable and happy as you can ;)xx
Best wishes to you both! He's a flexible lad, that's for sure :)
Ferrets are very flexible, part fluid I reckon! I think some people call them cat snakes.They are quite wonderful creatures really and illness apart I think Goose is doing ok without his brother. He's staying out more and chilling ,which is lovely. Before if he was in my daughter's room he'd obsess about the door being shut, now he's just happy to hang out or snooze close to her in his donut bed. (Best buy ever that bed!)
He has a lovely face. Adorable. What happy noises do they make?

This is an example of their happy noise, it's called 'dooking':D... It's a bit like chuckling I suppose, Iggy used to do a bit of nervous dook when Sid was around! Thought it easier to show you rather than try and explain... these aren't mine btw, just found them on youtube.

This is an example of their happy noise, it's called 'dooking':D... It's a bit like chuckling I suppose, Iggy used to do a bit of nervous dook when Sid was around! Thought it easier to show you rather than try and explain... these aren't mine btw, just found them on youtube.
That was charming. Roughly eighteen months ago someone on the forum (possibly you) mentioned that they ‘honk’. In my naivety I thought that was a reference to the noise they make. In due course someone (again, possibly you) explained. Convinced me that I should get out more.
Update on Goose! Had still been struggling to get his digestion right and he has been up and down but a few days ago he started refusing his meat, he was eating minced whole turkey, rabbit or chicken, to try and keep the fat content to a minimum. He was still getting some critical care and eating a bit of kibble, so not starving... Anyway on Monday I decided to stop offering him meat and see if he upped his kibble intake and he did. So 2 days now just on the dried and his poop is much better and today he actually seems like his old self! I've never been a fan of kibble really and the quality of ferret kibble you get over here is pretty poor, so all my lot have had a combination of arden grange grain free adult cat and kitten mixed with Iams grain free senior cat to graze on. Iams is the one Goose is just eating now as it has the lowest fat content. I spent many hours ages ago going over all the ingredients in so many different kibbles and these were the 3 most suitable. Germany actually produce a fantastic one but getting it posted here would of cost an arm and a leg! Any how, sorry, got side tracked:rolleyes:...
We had a check up with the vet this afternoon and she's really happy with him(as am I:)). He feels relaxed and has put a bit of weight back on, she had a good feel of all his insides and other than the spleen being a bit enlarged still she was happy with everything else. He obviously still has the cysts and kidney probs etc, but for now he is stable, happy and doing good. I need to update her just before Christmas and all being well it'll just be a blood test in the new year to check everything. Big phew!!
Hurrah, for a happy ferret :)

Off topic a little, but I was sorely tempted by a pair of adult rats up for adoption at our local Pets@Home a few days ago. The one that was awake was a beautiful blue/grey, and very inquisitive. But the logistics involved, because we have cables everywhere, would be tricky. As daft as it sounds, by the time I'd got a nice big cage for them, and some sort of playpen to keep them away from wires, they would take up more room than Jasper did!

Plus I might be dogsitting my GD's other gran's dog once a week after Xmas and I don't know what he would make of them.

Still tempted though...
Lovely, I bet that is tempting! Jake loved my rats, he used to happily share the room with all 7 of them when they were out. He used to groom them when they were sat on my lap!:). Goodluck resisting:rolleyes::D
Hope everyone had a fab Christmas! All's been well with Goose, he's been busy being ferrety over this festive period...trying to steal trinkets or a particular bead, from a 2metre string of beads, from the xmas tree,:confused:inevitably pulling the whole thing over!:D:D. I only put a small artificial one up in the fireplace, so it's not the end of the world. Tbh it's just kinda nice seeing him have fun and be his normal self:)
He's been pretty stable on just a B12 supplement and the change of diet, so will just arrange a blood test at some point in Jan and go from there.
Here's a couple of pics of the boy in his fave spot on the window sill. It's odd because recently he seems to becoming more Sid like! I've also added a pic of my new addition, done yesterday!:D:D:D


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