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A ferrety update

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Testing video upload...

....yes, I think you're right. If I gave you my email address and you sent the vid, I could probably do it?
Cool, if I manage to get a video that isn't just a blurr of fast moving ferrets I'll let you know @JudyN and see if it can be done via your email, if that's ok? Rather than Youtube
Cool, if I manage to get a video that isn't just a blurr of fast moving ferrets I'll let you know @JudyN and see if it can be done via your email, if that's ok? Rather than Youtube

Yes of course! I'd have to put it on Youtube myself, so it depends whether you think you'd struggle with that or not.
I'm so glad you asked @JudyN. I'd have happily helped, but the tech would have stressed me!
HaHa, yes it gives me the horrors!! Thank you both... When you said email it to you @JudyN I thought you meant you had magic powers to just pop it up on here, somehowo_O:rolleyes: But happy for you to stick it up on Youtube, will I have to do anything? This is all depending on whether I can get a decent vid and then successfully attach it to an email though eh!!:confused: one step at a time:D
No, just email it to me and I'll see what I can do. No promises though! I'm message you with my email address.
Well Goose had his visitors, the lady brought a single male and a pair of brothers. They were all so small! I forget how big our boys are/were... The single male was very comfortable here, not a bother on him, but Goose was so quiet. They had a little sniff of each other and he followed him a round for a little bit but that was as far as the interaction went. Good that it didn't kick off, as it can do, but worrying that Goose just retreated into himself and just laid either close to daughter or in her arms:( He is such a sensitive soul, it maybe that it was all a bit over whelming for him or maybe just too soon... She's bringing Rex back next Friday for another visit to see how it goes, a second meet may go better, we'll have to see.
The little brothers were very cute but tiny compared to Goose and one did lock on to daughters finger!:eek: Thankfully she's a pro when it comes to staying calm in situations like this and she survived with finger intact, mostly!
Oooh at least it wasnt a fight ...I will keep everything crossed that the second visit will be more successful....xxxx
So to continue Goose's story... At the beginning of last week he actually felt like he was turning a corner and each day he seemed a bit more himself, he even dooked a couple of times when playing with me:)(a dook is a ferret happy sound).
By Wednesday night, after a lot of thought, I decided to cancel Rex's Friday visit. I really felt Goose, as he was feeling brighter, needed more time to get used to life without his brother. The lady was very understanding and just wanted what was best for Goose, she was quite smitten with him when she met him! I also felt that because our boy will be 6 next May and little Rex is just over a year old, their energy levels and needs would be quite different...

Each day this week has been better, I actually haven't seen him lay in his doughnut bed whilst out since Thursday/Friday, which is wonderful. He's playing much more with me and we're finding new ways to play which he is also showing enthusiasm for. He's eating voluntarily in his cage, which he was barely doing before and he is getting to hang out with us more or if my daughters in her room he hangs out there. So for now I think we're all slowly getting used to life without Iggy... and Goose is starting to quite enjoy being spoilt it seems!:rolleyes:
Phew! I'm so glad that he's enjoying life again and I'm sure you made the right decision re Rex.
You know, I've read so often that when a dog companion is lost, the remaining one sometimes thrives on being the sole focus of attention.

I know nothing about ferrets, but could it be similar?
@JoanneF I think it can be similar in some cases. I think the difference is though that many ferrets love being with other ferrets, all together piled up in a hammock or being crazy nutballs playing when out... I think it helps with Goose that he is the age he is and also that he has a strong bond with us. I'm just glad that this wasn't the year the daughter went off to uni too:eek:, because even though I'm the one who does absolutely everything for him, he definitely prefers his cuddles from her!:cool:
So, I've been keeping a close eye on Goose emotionally, mentally and physically and he seemed to be coming to terms with the loss of his brother and doing ok, then a couple of weeks ago I noticed his spleen had enlarged a wee bit. I monitored it for a few days, but it didn't feel like it was going down again and then his lymph nodes popped up in his neck:( we saw the vet last week and he got booked in for the ultra sound specialist, blood test and testing the cells from the lymph nodes. I was worried about lymphoma...anyway it isn't that but he's not doing great all the same... He has a cyst in each kidney as well as both kidneys looking irregular, his pancreas has problems along with inflammation in his small intestine. Blood tests confirm his kidney function is quite bad. We've got painkillers, steroids, antibiotics and antacids to try and get him stable and more comfortable over the next few days, to top it all his poor belly where they shaved him looks sore! My poor boy, I suppose by after the weekend we'll know more, just so gutted...


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I'm so sorry he is poorly, but I'm glad you are so knowledgeable and observant, and that you have such a dedicated and thorough vet. least he's still eating and he's taking his meds in the critical care paste I make up, one less thing to stress him out with, though I'm having to be careful as it's high in fat, one thing his body is struggling with because of his pancreas.
I know he's not going to get better, better as sadly kidney degeneration can't be reversed but am hoping for him to respond positively, some how, to this course of meds, at least for a little while... I need to catch up with the vet after the weekend, so I'll arrange to see them in person. I was given all his results over the phone again, and just like Iggy, he seems to have a few things going on, but when I'm given so much info like this, I forget to ask the questions I really need to ask...

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