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A ferrety update

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Our Iggy is back in the vets:(. He was looking uncomfortable end of last week and slowly got worse over weekend, with mobility and breathing. Couldn't get an exotics vet app until yesterday, I had him gabapentin in the meantime, left over from his last bout. They admitted him, put him back on morphine and oxygen and luckily the ultra sound specialist was there so she scanned him. He has a list of stuff going on, enlarged spleen, cyst filled back up in kidney, bigger than before, fluid in his lungs and around heart, free flowing fluid in abdomen and very enlarged lymph nodes everywhere internally, also bigger than before and he's in pain. I think that was everything... it's quite likely to be lymphoma. He is still there now, they've just done bloods and his liver function is worse than last time and low white cell count but weirdly kidney function is fine, as last time.
The vets want to stabilize his breathing in order to give him a GA, then xray and, if poss, drain fluid on lungs... and then god knows what other treatments.
I just want him home, even if it's for a short bit of time, keep him comfortable and say our goodbyes, I keep saying to them I don't want to put him through all this, he has so much going on in his little body. This is the same as he was 6months ago but everything has come back 10 fold plus extras, we had a good 6 months which is a blessing.
Sorry if I'm rambling, just feel so lost and like it's all out of my hands. They are going to try him out of the oxygen incubator this afternoon, then ring me later to re assess, I'm so sad and to boot I'm kinda feeling like I'm in the wrong for not wanting all this treatment for him...:(
(((((Hugs))))) Flobo. You may well have a good idea of how much longer he is likely to have, and what his quality of life will be like if he goes through treatment. Follow your gut, follow your heart, and please don't let the vet sway you unless they can convince you it is in Iggy's interests.
(((((Hugs))))) Flobo. You may well have a good idea of how much longer he is likely to have, and what his quality of life will be like if he goes through treatment. Follow your gut, follow your heart, and please don't let the vet sway you unless they can convince you it is in Iggy's interests.

Sending you lots of love and totally agree with all of the know him best ...I wouldn't let them do lots of tests strong and tell the vets what you want...he is your ferret and you know what is best xxxx
Thank you Judy... I suppose treatment options depend on if his breathing improves without oxygen support to start. I just feel so helpless, I find it really difficult too because all these conversations I'm having are on the phone with the vet after each procedure and not in person. She's supposed to be ringing me 5.30/6pm today for the next update, so more waiting...
Thank you too @Tinytom
I'm thinking of you too @Flobo. I'm not good at this sort of thing so I'm just going to say I concur with the others and I'm thinking of you and Iggy.
Thinking of you. Go with your heart. x
And, of course, feel free to rant, wail, waffle, reminisce, as much as you want here xx
Sorry to read this. Fingers and everything else crossed for you all and best wishes.
Very sorry to hear this. I agree with the others - go with what you feel. You know him so well, better than anyone. It's a lonely place to be, but we are here for you and many of us have taken that decision.
Thank you every one for your kindness.. Writing here did help, I realised I needed to speak with the vet in person yesterday and not another phone call. So they agreed to see me and we talked through everything. The GA was going to be high risk even if his breathing improved because of everything else and if they did it and he survived the life extension would be 4 -6 weeks at best and that was just considering the fluid filling back up around his lungs(it wasn't in them), never mind all the other things he has going on. Thank fully this time she listened to me and she apologised if she seemed like she was pushing for it as it had made me feel awful and doubt myself, when all I wanted was for him to be comfortable and at home with us, even if it was just for half a day. She brought him down for a visit which was so lovely, though he's lost weight in this short time and he was pretty zonked out on the morphine, he still settled for a cuddle.
He spent last night there and today I picked him up, he's so happy to be home and is currently snuggled up with Goose, he had a noodle around, hid his monkey then went to bed. Tonight he can have his fave treat of egg yolk, lot's of love and cuddles and tomorrow we'll say goodbye with a clear heart and in peace... But that's tomorrow...
It's good that he still wants snuggles and plays with (or hides) his monkey. I'll be thinking of both you and him (and Goose come to that) xxx
Never forget what a good owner you are. You have made your decision based on what is best for him.

The good decisions are seldom easy. Hugs.
Echoing what's been said. You've made the right decision - not easy but you have a happy Iggy who would have made the same choice for himself. Thoughts and a hug. X
Your ferrets are so lucky to have you....lots of love to you....
Will be thinking of you all tomorrow xxx
To our wonderful Iggy, sleeping the great sleep... He went peacefully in my arms, head on my shoulder and being kissed...perfect

A beautiful photo and tribute...he couldnt have had a better life and a better end of life ...lots of love to you xxxx
I'm so sorry to read this. Sending big virtual hugs.
His enjoyment of life was down to you. He went as he lived - couldn’t have had a better life or mum. X
What a wonderful life you gave him, and a dignified end. I am so sorry for how you are feeling just now.

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