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A ferrety update

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Wow! That's a very nice new addition.

Goose is just gorgeous. I think I'd rather like a ferret some time. Not with a terrier in the house though ... What could possibly go wrong?
Tattoo looks fab...that must have taken ages ....
Lovely pics of dear Goose :D
Nice pics of Goose, he looks awesome! Nice tattoo, too. The one in the middle at the top reminds me of Mötley Crüe ;-)
:D@arealhuman , on my van funnily enough I have a 'Muttley Crew' decal!
The tattoo in the middle is actually my very first tat(done when I was 15:rolleyes:, in the days when you could!), it's the caduceus of mercury, the winged staff of Hermes. I thought it quite poetic to have the new snake around it, first and 'last' tattoo, a very pleasing cycle to me:D
I was thinking of this excellent album cover:

Cool!:cool: I was never into Motley Crue, though I may just have a listen later:D
I think that worked, hooray!!!:D:D:D
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A bit more ferret spam to warm the heart on this Sunday morning :)
Goose a few days ago, he's doing pretty well at the mo still and is growing his winter coat. So he's getting fluffier by the day, lovely!:D


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  • IMG-20240114-WA0000.jpg
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Happy ferrets. Just loved the videos but those two still photos were lovely.
Positing these videos and pictures is outrageous! Outrageously cute, that is! :D Brought a smile to my face this wet and windy afternoon, thank you :)
I dropped Goose's pee sample off at the vets yesterday, just to keep an eye on his kidney function. His results came back as no change since the last test, which is a big relief! So nothings getting worse and he's still doing good, vet is happy for us to just to carry on as we are for the now which is great😊

Here's a couple of pics, one him being a silly bin boy! 😂
And the other just being super cute.💜


  • IMG-20231029-WA0039.jpg
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Ah can't seem to attach the bin boy pic... found a pic of him asleep in a gift bag full of paper instead!
Can't seem to attach bin boy pic so here's one of him asleep in a bag! Sorry for double posts I'm using my phone and lap top and getting confused!!:rolleyes:


  • IMG-20240129-WA0000.jpg
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Over the last few weeks I've been persevering with some harness training with Goose. I tried him when he was younger but it was a bit like trying to keep a harness on a worm!
Anyway this time round, the first 2 or 3 times he wore it, he kinda just fell over like I'd hog tied him, rather dramatic but there we go! 😂 So little by little, just upping the time from a few seconds to minutes, he did get used to it, finally realising his legs did still work with it on, hooray!!
So here's some pics of him visiting the garden today, doing great in his harness and lead, lovely boy😁


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  • Screenshot_20240330-175548.png
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Just in case anyone fancies a bit of YouTube ferret madness on this Sunday morning! :D Happy Easter everyone:)

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