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A Visit To The Vets - Poorly leg and girly bits!


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Well we don't do things by halves, I ended up taking both Hebe & Rafferty to the vet today.

For over a week, Raffy has been limping, it started very suddenly & has come & gone all week. Yesterday he was really bad & was hopping on 3 legs sometimes :(

Hebes problem is a little more delicate :b girly stuff :b She has been licking at herself a lot, especially after having a wee & as a result of all the licking, the fur around her "girly bits" has gone all brown & sore looking.

The vet pulled & twisted Raffy leg every which way & it turns out that he has a bit of arthritis in his elbow & shoulder. Of all 3 dogs he is the laziest & less active so i'm surprised he's got this as he doesn't exert himself much. We are just going to see how it goes as the vet doesn't want to start him on anti-inflammatories yet as he's only 7. It doesn't seem to bother him much & he can still get over the fence into the bit of garden he's not supposed to go in :rant: & he can also hop on & off the windowledge with no effort.

I'll probably start giving him glucosamine as thats supposed to be good. Any other suggestions??

Hebe was mortified that some strange woman was looking at her rear end, she's not a touchy feely dog even with people she knows.

Apparently she has excema around her vulva OUCH (w00t) Poor Hebe, it must be driving her mad.

So she's now on prednisalone for 10 days so hopefully that'll clear up soon.

I've never heard of this before, has anyone else heard of it?
:( Poor Hebe and Rafferty. I haven't heard of Hebe's little problem, so can't offer any advice, but hope they both get better soon. It's so worrying when they aren't well. :huggles: :luck: :huggles:
:( poor babies, :wub:

i havent heard of hebes problem before either, sounds most uncomfortable. poor lass, Aloe Vera gel might help soothe.

but for rafferty try a bioflow magnetic collar and joint aid, it contains glucosimine and chrondoitin, amongst alot of other goodies, they both worked very well for my little girl.

hope this helps.
I've been told a teaspoon of turmeric in their food acts as an anti inflammatory

I hope both feel much better soon
Thanks for the suggestions, not heard of the turmeric before. Worth a try though.

I'm going to start Rafferty on glucosamine. He has been having regular omega 3,6,9 which are supposed to keep the joints supple but maybe he needs something a bit better.

We had a Bioflow collar for our old Dalmatian years ago but it didn't really help him much but I think he was past the point of no return by the time we got it for him :(
2 weeks on & Hebe seems to have stopped the licking so I think the tablets are working. They have made her want more food than normal :blink: so she is constantly on the scrounge. Yesterday she managed to steal a whole packet of treats & ate the lot (including the packet) in about 2 seconds flat before I noticed :rant:

Rafferty has been having a sprinkle of turmeric in his food every day & he is not limping any more :)) My friends dog is on Seraquin for arthritis & turmeric is one of the ingredients in that.

Thanks Louise for the tip about that, it seems to be doing the trick. He has been much livelier this week & tonight he even joined in at agility training.

So hopefully no more trips to the vets for a while :thumbsup:
I'm glad they are both feeling better :thumbsup: My friend told me about turmeric she uses it for her agility dog who also has had some stiffness and shes doing much better now :D

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