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After 27 Days In The Hospital


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Just keeping my priorities in order

this is the day I left the hospital after having a serious stroke - spent 27 days in the hospital -

I was able to slip our Delta on the coursing field to finish her AKC Field Championship -

what you dont see is my wife holding the belt around my chest to keep me from

falling on my face - I had to slip her lefthanded because my right arm and hand

didnt work -

this is American Dual Champion Wheatland Delta Dawn SC

Delta 4 finish 5-29-11.jpg
So sorry to hear youve been in hospital , but glad to hear theyve let you go home , you always do better in your own surroundings .

Well done on slipping Delta , its the best thing for you to keep pushing yourself and hopefully in time you will regain more feeling in your arm .
Well Done on getting back out there, it must have been a wonderful feeling!

Good Luck with your recovery

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