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Japanese and American Akita

japenses akita.jpg

The Akita is named after the province of Akita in Northern Japan. They were bred to protect and guard Japanese royalty. The Japanese Akita was brought to America by servicemen returning from World War II and here the American Akita was born. There has been a long standing debate about whether the Akita should stay true to being Japanese but after many years of delays in acceptance the American Kennel Club finally accepted the American Akita in 1972.

Life span: 10-15 years

Japanese Akita Height: males 64-70cm and females 58-64cm
Japanese Akita Weight: males 34-54kg and females 34-50kg

American Akita Height: males 66-71cm and females 61-66cm
American Akita Weight: males 45-59kg and females 32-45kg

The Akita is strong willed with a complex personality that can make them challenging to train. However they are very loving and affectionate to their family. Due to their aggressive tendencies with other dogs they are best kept on the lead. The Akita doesn’t bark and is known in the dog world as the ‘strong, silent type’.

They are among the ‘banned’ breeds that many insurance companies may not cover and are defiantly NOT recommend for first time owners!

Health Checks

If you intend to buy a puppy you must find a good breeder who can show you health clearances from BOTH of the puppies parents.

The health checks are:

Hip Dysplacia - This is an abnormality of the hip joint. Breed mean score 11.5 (parents should be lower)
Eye disease - Hereditary cataract; Multiocular defects (MOD) (litter screening); Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) (gradual loss of sight) (annual testing)
Elbow Dysplacia - Should ideally be 0:0

To Keep in mind…

Sabaceous adenines (SA) - When a dog has this the sebaceous glands in the skin become inflamed and are eventually destroyed. for more information.

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These seem like a breed you would usually avoid going for..... Has anyone on here got one? or know someone who has?

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