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Australian labradoodle grooming tips please

Sofia Tuominen

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Sunny is an australian labradoodle that isn't a fan of brushing but isn't aggressive or anything she just walks away or fidgets.
But its still difficult to brush her properly and gets matted to the skin and needs to go to groomers to get it all shaved off.
Is there any easy tips to brush long hair of labradoodles that we don't always need to go to the groomers to shave it short.-
It's quite hard to answer your question because in mixed breeds like yours there can be a huge variation in coat type, even within one litter.

But a few tips - you could smear wet dog food, meat paste or squeezy cheese onto a wide area of your fridge door, and groom Sunny while she is busy licking it off. Any residue is easily cleaned,

Use a pin brush to get right through her coat.

Don't aim to groom her all at once, so she doesn't get fed up.

You can also buy detangling lotions but I've not used these so I don't know how effective they are.

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