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a simple solution is don't park on the field if you don't want to get stuck :thumbsup:
lovely afternoon 2 heats yd lb ,time i heat.gandy taking the time a rescue dog looks like ped whippet/greyhound really getting the hang of racing.

stuies black bitch 26 lb took the yd lb, best thing i seen lately only steve big lass faster 8.48/ 8.50 miles faster than out else today exciting to watch finish takes after her mother polly :luck:

goerdie little bitch going past neils bonny,pings the lids :luck:

jills 2 biguns going past neils bobby no problem :luck:

john and jeans dog another one to watch next year.

lady came with her groceries and asked could she give her ped a go, chased no problem.

roberts podge going past gandy, pacey for a lurcher. he also gave dihna a look up looking well :thumbsup:

bit of luck we could get whippets,peds and lurcher races in the future hopefully :thumbsup: .

plenty more run ups.

sure folks can put some names on. ali :- :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :luck:

parking ok.

everyone was impressed with the track :luck:
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well done stu taking first and second we couldnt make it again dee got me busy with the house and nowt to run yet track looks mint well done folks :thumbsup:
opps double posted
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As already been said a lovely afternoons racing, the was superb and everyone had an enjoyable afternoon.

Results 19th Nov

time / straight final

r.nine 1 sc

b.bambino 1 sc

w.senior moment 2 1

bk.connor 8 7

o.gandi 15 14 winner.

The saw a win for GANDI this dog is improving every week, well done.


ht 1

r.tink ya do 27 sc winner

b.spindle shanks 27 sc

w.brin 24 3

bk.riley 21 6

ht 2

r.bumble bee 24 sc ya like 23 1 winner

w.blond snapper 22 2

bk.brancamite 17

final 1st tink ya do 2nd as ya like a double for stu well done, tinkya do was very immpressive one to watch out for next year.

racing next week trials from 12.30, handicap to start 1pm, all welcome :thumbsup:

TINK YA DO (w00t) :nuke: :luck: :thumbsup: AAAAAWSOME.
Resulte 26th Nov. 150yds red trap left.

time heat one

r.bambino 2 sc

b.senior moment 3 1

w.johnny 3 6

bk.gandi 12 10 winner

time heat two

r.jake 7 sc

b.connor 9 2 winner

w.podge 11 4

final 1st GANDI well done winner two weeks off the trot 2nd CONNOR

yd/lb heat one

r.tink ya do 30 sc

b.riley 20 10

w.titch 16 14 winner

yd/lb heat two ya like 24 sc

b.brin 23 1

w.blond snapper 21 3 winner

final 1st BLOND SNAPPER well done sam 2nd TITCH

Although the weather was a bit cold and windy we all enjoyed a good afternoon of racing, we are starting to get e few locals coming to watch, one lady brings her pedi whippet and it is already doing the full distance much to the delght of its owners, we have a lovely bunch members with everyone lending a hand setting up the track each week, long may it continue.

The track is fist class and i'm sure come the better weather we will see some cracking times.

We had loads of run ups today.

racing next week trials from 12.30 handicaps 1.00pm and more trials after racing if required.

Christmas handicap Dec 17th 100% payout with goodies.

Hot drinks available from next week 50 pence . :thumbsup:
great afternoon,didnt think it was that cold.canny day for this time of year :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

great to see gandi winning great dog from the rescue,sheding a few pounds, taking to the racing like a duck to water :thumbsup:

robs podge now in the handicap and giving the nonpeds a run for there money,never gives up :thumbsup:

little diner looking very pacie and running with company.

geordie little bitch going past bonny and lennys legs flying past her 8.43 off scr get on there laddy looked really up for it today :luck: think its time for geordies to go into the ydlb handicap :thumbsup:

and the newby ellie, ped going all the way out the boxes,get on there :thumbsup:

enjoyable afternoon with some tight races :thumbsup:

steves pups looking very well impressive times, also rose?? or ruby :wacko: :teehee: 8.29 (w00t)

jills 2 first time in competition, ran really well in a good field and close finish :thumbsup:

the hot drinks will be great idea, keep lyne off them heard she can burn water (w00t) :lol: so trev says.
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December 3rd 150yds red right.


heat 1

nine 2 sc

senior moment 4 2

podge 12 10 winner

penny tt 7 sc

connor 7 sc winner

Final 1st PODGE 2nd CONNOR



tink ya do 29 sc

spindle shanks 26 3

bumble bee 24 5

blond snapper 24 5 winner

heat 2.

as ya like 23 sc winner

sandella 23 sc

brin 22 1

riley 19 4


the hot drinks went down very well this week ( sure Dave will do an in depth write up :thumbsup: )

PLEASE NOTE; you must run this week 10th december in order to run in christmas handicap on the 17th december.
well what about PODGE taking the time, 2 great runs against non peds.roberts never seen as much money :thumbsup:

blonde snapper taking the first heat of the ydlb stuies tink ya do finishing like she was on a motor bike,watch this one next year :luck:

stuies as ya like taking the second heat and the final blonde snapper couldnt make the yard up good run from both dogs :thumbsup:

plenty of run ups.spindle shanks brother had a couple of slips, first time on the lure been on the live stuff.but went up no problem . the 2 lads where set up with him :luck:

neil and jims biguns had a great race flash takening it up early doors jims putting in a hard finish to take by a yard ish :thumbsup:

geordies little sandella first time in the handicap usually pings the lids, what did she do miss them hmmm think he saving her for the christmas handicap (w00t) :thumbsup: :luck: lol roberts littun went passed neils bobby no problem think around 8.72 ish very respectable time for a lurcher :luck: ,my tip for the 100yd at the lurchers at highgate sunday as long as robert gets the slipping right :- :sweating: :luck:

quiet a few folks watching and enjoying the racing.

must admit the hot drinks where bril, going to need them this week cold sat :nuke:

looking foward to next year when the weather gets better. we should have a cracking track.

we running on our second track to rest the first one. enough room for 3 or 4 if we wanted :thumbsup:

going to be heavy going tomorrow the amount of rain we have long as the frost doent spoil things going to be the coldest night of the year (w00t) will have to get dogs racing names so folks know whos who :thumbsup:

is that deep enough (w00t) :thumbsup:
Results 10th December.


heat 1.

r.nine 3 sc winner

b.senior moment 5 2

w.podge 9 6

heat 2.

r.connor 5 sc

b.gandi 9 4 winner

final 1st NINE 2nd GANDI

Yd /lb

heat 1. ya like 26 sc dh

b.bumble bee 23 3

w.sandella 22 4

bk.riley 18 8 dh


r.tink ya do 28 sc

b.dinah 27 1

w.spindle shanks 26 2 winner

bk.blond snapper 26 2

Final 1st RILEY 2nd AS YA LIKE.

We decided to make today our last weeks racing for 2011, therefore we paid out 100% and added 5 pounds to both handicaps.

Points money was also paid out today .

We will start back on the 14th January ( weather permitting )

A few changes to note, memberships will go up to five pounds per member.

Run ups --fifty pence for members and one pound for non members.

We hope to have lurchers and pedis racing next year, all welcome.

Our club dog of the year is Johns SENIOR MOMENT, and our top trainer special award dog is Neils little pedi BONNY who is loved by all at the club as she helps to train most of the youngsters at the club.

didnt look to promising, but by the time we looked at things temp had lifted to the dizzy height of 6c. the track was frost free get them in :thumbsup: .first heat time peters 9 ran a stormer in a very good time 8.46 to take the heat.

heat 2 connor caught gandi early but gandi really dug in to take the heat.some dog from a rescue looks like ped whippet/greyhound.

ydlb heat 1

not the best of races with dogs going for there sides (w00t) little riley had a clear run and got over to his left before as ya like stormed through to dead heat guttsy run :thumbsup:

heat 2

spindle shanks and blonde snapper had a close race jesica just taking the spoils,roberts dinah having to give them a yd (w00t) in her first handicap bit of a uphill battle against these fastens,and tink ya do crossing over from the red to her prefered right closed them down but just to much (w00t)

we had 4/5 young lads showing interest and a couple had a slip as they where old enough.( THE DOGS NOT THE LADS)

spindle shanks brother went out the boxes breaking 9 impressive as only its 3 time up.

few folks watching and a couple of family looking to buying and starting racing :thumbsup:

and the old bloke creeping round looking of ways to stop us :clown: :clown: nearly send the rocky in but she out of fettle with a bad chest hope you ok for christmas lyne :luck: must admit bonny is a star but what about bobby the biguns trainer.

looking foward to next year spring we will have non peds, , lurchers and ped racing. AND A POT OF LASH/ BOVRIL AND A BUN. what more could you want.

wishing all the clubs a happy and safe new year :luck: :thumbsup:
havnt been to club for weeks been busy at home just wanted to say well done everyone who got it all up and running esp mr hopper col n al and john happy xmas all :thumbsup:

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