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Barf Again.

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~Helen~ said:
whippynit said:
~Helen~ said:
What tactics do you use when talking to butchers?
I always get a really cagey response. They say "No, we haven't got any trimmings" when there's a great heap of them on the butcher's block behind them. They'll sell me marrow bones for 30p each, but that's quite expensive. I have found my freerange meat supplier is fine and will give me bones for free, but again a bit cagey about meat products. I wonder why this is? He says he has to pay to have them disposed of, but I say "I'll pay and you can dispose of them in my whippets' stomachs!!" :lol:

I'm always quite upfront about it being for my dogs and that I feed them a lot of raw meat... I wonder why I don't get the results that you guys get in the butcher's shop :(

Do you go to the same butcher Helen? Maybe it just comes down to them being generally funny people and you should try another butchers?

Or do you just go in and ask for the meat for the dogs? If so, maybe they think its a bit cheeky not buying anything and jusy going in for free scraps? :eek:

I always buy something for myself, even if its just a pack of chicken breasts or a pie...then while they are wrapping that up i ask for the dog bits :thumbsup:

I dont think id have the confidence to not buy anyhting and just ask for stuff for the dogs. I think its not very courtiess. or maybe its just me :wacko: :- "

I've been buying meat for years from my freerange chap, spend about £50 every fortnight, so if that's not courteous I don't know what is! The other butchers I had alreayd bought chicken breasts (at an exorbitant price) and asked for the scraps as an afterthought. Maybe they are just funny chaps and I'll try the butchers near my new house once I've "courted" them!! :lol:

Yeah £50 every fortnight is pretty courteous I'd say! :lol: if i was paying that much i'd tell him to get stuffed if he couldnt spare me some scraps! :angry:

Think you better try them butchers near your new house! :thumbsup: :cheers:
jok said:
~Helen~ said:
I was trying to work this out the other day... after a conversation in which a friend told me I was mad feeding my whippets that "special stuff", she could get a 25kg bag of "Gusto" for £5 and it lasted her labrador a whole month (w00t)
I reckon it's about £1 a day to feed both my two, give or take a bit depending on whether it's a sardines day or not. Aldi do v cheap srdines, though, at about 29p a tin.

I don't price in the veg, because it's always offcuts from ours that I whizz in the blender and they're "free" because I don't buy extra veg especially for the dogs, if that makes sense.

That Gusto must be made of sawdust (w00t) God knows what's in it! Asda do sardines for 18p a tin and cheap salmon for 33p :thumbsup:

Asda smart price tuna at 27 pence a tin, 24% protien, add it to your barf mix to bring the protien content up barf i use ranges from 14-18% so the tuna is a nice additive along with the veggies and rice

Been on barf diet for some weeks now and my dogs clear their dishes every time and thet're looking great

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