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billys litter sister

some of litter at 4 weeks


bilys mum






hope you enjoy and feel the pride i do :)

Hello! I'm new to this forum but wanted to post some pictures of our Lenny...

He is nearly 18 weeks old and a little handful, but very bright and willling to learn!

We love him to pieces :wub:


This pic is about a month old... He looks a lot like the pic of Billy's little sister(?)
awww another cutie , i love mostly smooth coated running dogs and i have whippets and igs but i planned billys litter long before his mum was got to by my randy 14inch ig male and went over 2 6ft fences to do the deed!!! so my scruffy boy was about 2 yrs later than originally planned lol!!! but his first season has started and already gone to ground on his second outing , he has also shown well and always in the ribbons at lurcher shows , his sister has had 2 best pup in show behind her , the others are all working well only 1 went to a non working home

welcome to the forum and keep them pics coming :)
Hi folks, I am looking for a Bedlington Whippet puppy. (Also happy to look at Beddy Whippets with more whippet or with other crosses as long as primarily BW - health and temperament are the most important to us). Do any of you know of any upcoming litters or anyone breeding BWs? We are real dog lovers and owners and not lockdown puppy people! Many thanks

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