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Best Dog/bitch In Last Ten Years?


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Just wondering what people think that the best dog or bitch that they have seen run in the past ten years is.

i have only seen the past year of whippet racing and the best one i have seen is little rascal. that little bitch can run .HaHa.
this is some question (w00t) gonna be a few different answers i bet :- " best dog for me without a doubt was slippy blue :thumbsup: best bitch theres been a few i think its between swift holly biddy and Peggy sue but agree with you Jamie little rascal is a classy bitch :thumbsup: maybe you should put best heavy weight middle weight then light weight :)
jeez in the last ten years theres been loads of exceptional dogs. ive been racing 11 years. hmmm lets think..... razzamataz, hillside lad, swift holly, litte madam, cheeky madam, little star, china sunrise, ( these were 10 years ago)

more recently... colorado, midnight run, peggy sue, fluke.

scratch- son of a bitch, stormbird, go loco, spooky jewel, ne1, mickey whizz, wonderwall.

scratch more recently.... hellbent, dennis the menace, bully beef, no surrender, chunky, nikitason.

im sure theres dozens more.
in the past 10 years i think its between 2 dogs and 2 bitches

slippy blue and stewart

swift holly and little madam

piglet x
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great question

dogs ;; stewart (with out a dought)

bitches;; little madam, swift holly,biddy,of corse peggy sue,

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
fancy free great bitch :thumbsup:

more dogs sonny boy little geordie fame :thumbsup: i agree andy stewart was a good dog too flying scottsman jackarella too many to realy say but slippy was the best in my opinion not many little dogs could take on a good bitch and win but he could :thumbsup:
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I remember a dog called Rapid Fire I thought he deserves a mention dont know whether that was more than ten years ago though.

And I also liked Jackies Lass thought she was a good bitch again might be more than ten years. (time is just flying in LOL)
COLORADO nearly forgot that great champion :thumbsup: fluke :thumbsup:

scratch son of a bitch :thumbsup: othertrs excstacy , time spell jarvis cocker god when you start to think theres been some greats in the last ten years :blink: hillside lad cheeky maddam free wheeler

best 2 bitches for me swify holly and biddy

dogs slippy blue and colarado

scratch son of a bitch and jarvis cocker then theres the great bend dogs but thats another story (w00t) a lott of classy animals strights and bends c spot run short spot trouble spot drama queen :thumbsup: alabama :thumbsup: lacy :thumbsup: not forgeting fly free :thumbsup: and of course a very close best peggy sue :cheers:

shooting star :thumbsup: branca :thumbsup: gonna stop now too many to mention :blink: try the best in the last 20 year that will be interesting :thumbsup:
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MOONSHELL :thumbsup: SORRY NEARLY FORGOT YOU GIGGSY :Dthis could go on all night midnight run one of my favs and show three :)
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Razzmatazz,,he was a wee flying machine.

Biddy,,very special

Fluke,,,Good at bends & straights

Gergies Choice :) 26lb dog,,lightly raced, but could beet the bitch's yd/lb,,

Show Three,,class bitch

A few of my fav's :cheers:
i agree with these that carol said

scratch- son of a bitch, stormbird, go loco, spooky, ne1, mickey whizz,

scratch more recently.... hellbent, dennis the menace, bully beef, no surrender,

dogs, mad mick, free wheeler,colarado. just freinds

bitch, peggy sue, biddy, swift holly, branca

and i think the best light weight dog i have seen run and best name [SIZE=21pt]azure blue[/SIZE] :cheers: :thumbsup: :wub:

there :cheers: :clown: :p
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Best Lt wt Bitchs, Biddy, Swift Holly. Peegy Sue still has a few years running to catch these two up.

Best Mid wt Bitch. Fluke, Between Us.

h Wt. Extasy, Show Three.

Best Lt Wt Dogs, Razzamataz, Slippy Blue, Kirby

Mid Wt, Shooting Star, Colorado

H Wt. Mad Mick, North To South.

Scr. Son Of A Bitch, Casino. Stormbird.

Best Ever, Lt Wt Dogs Little Jim, Grasscutter , Mid wt, Sing, On , Good As gold

H Wt Mo Evil, North To South

Bitches, Lt wt. Cherry,

Mid Wt. Another Maid, Little Lucy

H Wt, Blackie, Funny Girl
scratch womderwall grahams drean evita go lolco pedms lad on the bends,straights best two ive seen are ne1 son of a bitch simpson

one more for the light weights
i think Xstacy and Xccentric were top class heavy weights

swift holly, biddy, mad mick, cheeky madam

four dogs spring to mind for me

dawns mystery and razzamatazz both untouchable for so long.

and jolson and a great heavyweight hellbound brilliant on the straights and the bends

how many titles accumalated between these four good dogs?

just my oppinion.
N E 1 :thumbsup: LITTER BROTHER TO SON OF A BITCH :thumbsup:

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