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Best Dog/bitch In Last Ten Years?

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one no limit bitch that sticks out in my mind is janet & davy cruddas charmin & alfie bucktons 40lb dog bucko
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westmead hawk

chart king

rapid ranger

sorry there greyhounds only go bend racing so heres my thoughts.




uptown girl



mad mick


stag party

cornish bob

pems lad

little madame


o and i cannot forget my old dog himself grahams dream
If any of you have Audrey John Twenty Years of whippet racing you should take a glance through and that would enlighten you on who the best dogs in the last twenty years were, just a thought.
I think theres a link on the bwra web site to Audrey's John Twenty Years
Definitely Blue

mad mick


crazy cracker

Mickey Mouse


Midnight run


Cracked it

and the best H wt Hellbound


What spot

Triple Mystery

Between us

Storm Damage


just to name a few
the out standing dogs for me

fluke so consistant it made you sick, still flying and still not missing the lids at 6 or is she 7 :thumbsup: :luck:

sun princess yet another you did not want to meet , storming finish, and still flying :thumbsup:

gypsy queen looking a youthful nearly 7, fantastic on the bends and still can abit on the straights :thumbsup:

paloma when she is right ,could be the fastest dog around. :thumbsup: :luck:

hellbound at 6 if he was raced would still be the best 30/35 dog. after his performance at the rising sun the other week he still has a fantastic turn of speed :thumbsup: :luck:
Karen-Coral said:
Fluke is 7 on the 21st August.... :thumbsup:
Not only you know the birthdays of your dogs other people know as well how spooky is that then ? I dont remember my kids birthdays or i think they are my kids :- " (w00t) :oops:
You dont even know which are yours mick-LOL :oops: :oops: thats what happens when you keep em all round different tables pal--- o:)

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