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Grand Champion Wildhare Good Ride Cowboy FCH CR PR CGC


Best of Breed

2012 ASFA International Invitational

1 field champion prelim run - 800 yards

1 field champion finals run - 800 yards

1 field champion tie run-off - 800 yards

1 Best of II run - 800 yards

1 Best in II run - 900 yards

1 Best in II re-run - 900 yards

2.78 miles run in one day for the performance of a lifetime

to quote the lure operator that day

"I was on the button for the whippet runs - he was smoking"

Mango stack Small.jpg

II run stretch 2 small.jpg


One of those 800 yard runs should have been BOB - run not best of II

got to agree that some distance in a days racing??

well done that whippet
I forgot to mention that the courses were held in Colorado at an altitude of 5000 feet -

the II is the annual event with the hottest hounds in the nation and Canada running -

Mango's home is near Chicago at 300 feet - the day before he had run two 800+ yard courses

- quite a weekend - he is alot like his half brother (same dam) that has run 7 courses of

700+ yards - both have very deep bottoms and seem to relish the longer distances

and multiple runs -

Well done , fantastic result , one to be proud of there :thumbsup:

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